Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement Officer:Don Labarge
Phone: (315) 343-0485
Building Code Law (.pdf, 92 kb)
Flood Prevention Law (.pdf, 879 kb)
Pool Requirements (.pdf, 314 kb)
New House Permit (.pdf, 2.9 mb)
Demolition Permit (.pdf, 169 kb)
Fence Permit (.pdf, 740 kb)
Deck Permit (.pdf, 4.8 mb)
Garage Permit (.pdf, 3.3 mb)
Pool Permit (.pdf, 1.8 mb)
Shed Permit (.pdf, 1.4 mb)
Chimney Permit (.pdf, 3.3 mb)
Pole Barn Permit (.pdf, 3.3 mb)
Building Permit (.pdf, 140 kb)
Gold Building Permit Form (.pdf, 25 kb) Needed for all Building Permits
Interactive Zoning Map
Town of Oswego 2009 Zoning Law (.pdf, 336 kb)
Zoning Chart (.pdf, 188 kb)
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