August 16, 2004
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Kenneth Kern,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, John Pritchard, Robert Smith
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
The Planning Board Meeting for August 16, 2004 was called to order by Judy Watson at approximately 7:05 PM.

Those in attendance were:
Judy Sabin-Watson
Francis Dellamano
Lee Phillips
John Pritchard
Barry Pritchard
Kathryn Wolfe (Attending for Stephen Greene)
Marjorie Best
Absent were:
Alternate Member
Kenneth Kern
Robert Smith
Old Business:

Approval of July 19, 2004 Minutes:

Barry Pritchard made a Motion that the July 19, 2004 Minutes be approved. Lee Phillips seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan:

Judy Watson states she met with Vickie Mullen on Friday, the 13th, and they agreed that we get the County Planning Board involved, and come up with a final plan by October 1st. Brian Frazier and Karen Noyes of the County Planning Board attended the meeting. Judy opened the floor to Brian and Karen to give their views on the map and definitions.

Brian went over the map and definitions in detail, so we could get this done by October 1st. Brian and Karen brought a large map, as well as smaller copies for the members. Brian said they have been marking up the Land Use Map. The Comprehensive Plan is to show future growth and development. What we need to do is look at the map, and see what changes should be made. We must also come up with definitions, as being general and standard. Zoning definitions would be in the body of the Zoning Regulations. Brian said he had worked on plans for various towns, such as Parish, and even worked on plans for Stowe, Vermont.

Brian stated that we do not want the citizens to get confused between the Land Use Map and the Zoning Map. We want a master plan for Oswego Town. We need to consult with both Boards on how we want it done. Fran Dellamano asked what if we want to restrict some things before it goes to Zoning - for example mobile homes in a residential area. He asked how we would do that in a Comprehensive Plan - that would be important as to where we put mobile homes. Brain said they do not necessarily need their own defined or designated district, and you have to grandfather those parts. They have to get a Special Use Permit. You would need to have statements specified in the Zoning Ordinance. Fran also asked what about businesses in a residential district. Brian said certain businesses could be allowed by right, or by Special Use Permit.

Judy Watson asked Brian to share what they had talked about with the possibility of businesses. Brian said they talked about businesses coming into residential district, and around intersections - for example gas stations. Oswego Town is fairly large and spread out. There are a couple of major highways.

Brian said this has gone on for some time, and it is time to pull the trigger and get the Comprehensive Plan to a finish.

Fran Dellamano brought up the issue of a statement in the Zoning Ordinance "To promote and protect the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare of the people". He wondered why people would want to build a home on Routes 104, or 104A. Kids could get killed. Cars go 60 miles an hour, as well as tractor trailers. Steve Greene stated he agrees, but you cannot tell a person where he can and cannot build a house. That is not our job.

Judy Watson again stated the Comprehensive Plan is what is going to be 30 years from now. Lee Phillips said the definitions should be general, not specific.

There was also discussion as to the white area, whether the definitions should be Open, Multi-Use, Rural or Restricted. Fran went over the map with Brian, and the members as to what he figured would be the districts. Where there is wet land in an Agricultural District, it has to show Agriculture. Brian said he does not believe we should get into the R-1, R-2, etc.

Fran Dellamano asked if people come into the town, and want to build houses on 500 or 1,000 acres, in this area (pointed to the map), and want to switch zoning. Steve Greene said that would be "spot zoning". Brian said you could have Agricultural and Residential permitted by right, under Special Use Permit.

After much discussion, and going over four different maps, among Brian and the members, it boiled down to six different categories, rather than a dozen. The categories for definitions would be: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Conservation/Recreation, Agricultural and Rural. Since everyone was in agreement with the six categories, Judy asked Brian for a meeting with herself, Brian and Karen, and asked for one more person to help. Fran Dellamano said he would help. They will meet either Thursday, August 19th at 4:00 PM, or Monday, August 23rd at 8:00 AM at Brian Frazier's office.

Application #2003-01 - VIP Structures:

At approximately 8:30 PM, the subject of VIP Structures came up. Judy Watson stated she talked with Jeff Wallace of Empire Fresh Cuts. He said they could not afford the black top at this time, and that the oil and stone is a waste of money.

Fran Dellamano stated we should go by the original plan. Judy Watson stated she would write a letter to Richard Greene, the CEO, explaining that in the Minutes of July 14, 2003, that "an oil and stone driveway on the South side from the road back 490 feet" would be put in place.


At approximately 8:45 PM, Lee Phillips motioned to adjourn the meeting. John Pritchard seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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