February 16, 2004
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Kenneth Kern,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, John Pritchard, Robert Smith
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
The Planning Board Meeting was called to order by Fran Dellamono, acting as Chair, in the absence of Judy Sabin-Watson at approximately 7:00 PM.

Those in attendance were:
Francis Dellamano
Kenneth Kern
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Stephen Greene, Jr
Marjorie Best
Those absent were:
Alternate Member
Judy Sabin-Watson
John Pritchard
Robert Smith
Old Business:

Application #2003-01 - VIP Structures

The parties involved in the VIP Structures Site Plan who appeared at the meeting included Jeff Wallace, Samuel and James Zappala of Empire Fresh Cuts LLC; Daniel Hanes of VIP Structures; Frank and Michelle Slattery, neighbors of the Zappala's, as well as John Slattery, Frank Slattery's father.

At approximately 7:05 PM, Fran Dellamano opened discussion by asking the Zappala's if they followed the Site Plan, or did they make changes that we don't know about. Sam Zappala stated the only changes in the Site Plan was the rip-rap, pertaining to the driveway.

Fran Dellamano stated when that part of the plan gets approved, we should have a copy, and then asked about the septic system. Sam Zappala stated they have been permitted, and their application has been accepted by the City of Oswego for hauling of any waste water. The DEC has basically indicated they want to wait until they are up and running to actually produce the water before plans are finalized. For that reason, they have submitted a plan to the City of Oswego to dispose of the waste water. Fran Dellamano then asked if they are going to put in a tank. Sam Zappala stated they have a holding tank, and will transport the waste water down to the City to dispose of it. Their method will be to run water over the onions to rinse them. John Slattery asked if there would be any smell through the processing. Jim Zappala stated they have no smell from the Oswego Growers and Shippers. Fran asked if they would be burning the skins or peeling them, to which Jim Zappala answered they would be peeling them.

Fran Dellamana suggested we go back to the discussion of the wall, as that is the main purpose of this meeting. The wall is the only thing different from the plans that have been approved.

Sam Zappala said he indicated in the very beginning that the road had to be moved. The driveway is circular. It was not on the map plan. The curved portion of the road was set back Eastward approximately 25 feet. There would be an obstruction, so had a problem with the elevation. Fran Dellamano asked the Zappala's if they had discussed the boundary with the neighbors to the South.

Frank Slattery said he had talked to Jeff Wallace about it. He hadn't been told the blocks would be taken out. He said he came home one day, and the stone wall was gone, and it was just gravel and dirt.

Fran Dellamano said we have to look at it and make everyone happy. He asked about the blocks nested together, and if they had a foundation that is down 3 feet. He also asked how far the rip-rap was, and how far away from the property line the blocks are.

Jim Zappala stated the rip-rap is about 40 feet. It is now closer to the property line, and they plan to erect a fence when the weather clears. The blocks are 4 feet because they are 2 foot blocks, the exposed face of the wall is 6 feet, and it would be 4 feet behind the blocks. Fran Dellamano said the set-back is 50 feet, and according to zoning, it's 30 feet so there is no problem there. Sam Zappala stated the biggest problem they encountered was the ground water coming out of the hill, and that a trench had been dug.

Fran Dellamano asked how high the blocks are, and Sam Zappala stated the highest point is 6 to 8 feet. Jeff Wallace shared a photo with the Board, and stated the picture is taken at the deepest point. It is tiered to match up with the ground terrain, and that there would be some cosmetic work done to make it appealing.

Fran then asked what was agreed upon regarding a fence. Jeff Wallace said they plan a fence about 250 feet long, and they are going to remove a hedge row where the fence is going to be on the neighboring property. Sam Zappala stated Frank Slattery should maintain the fence.

Frank Slattery said he didn't want to be responsible for the fence. What if something happened to the fence, and someone falls off the wall. He said he has a two year old, and is very concerned. Frank's father, John Slattery said he is also concerned about snowmobiles going through there and flying off the wall.

Fran Dellamano moved forward by asking what is going to be satisfactory with the parties involved, as well as being satisfactory with the Board. He stated a fence definitely must be built; perhaps a cyclone fence so people can see through with the cars; that a solid fence can't be put all the way to the road. He asked Frank Slattery just what he wanted there.

Frank Slattery said they were talking about 80 or 90 feet of hedgerow taken out. It is about 300 feet now that it is gone, which means that the standing wall, someone could fall off. He said he and the Zappala's agreed to a 200 foot fence. Jeff Wallace stated they were talking about an 8 foot fence in line with the front entrance near the road.

Frank Slattery said he would like to see a fence about 8 foot high coming out from the back, coming out even with the building; then down to about 6 feet, covering the parking area. Down by the road, let it sweep down to 4 feet, and maybe some evergreens. Trucks could then see over it, and would help hinder accidents. His concern is also maintaining it. If it were a wooden fence, he would have to buy stain for it.

Fran Dellamano said cyclone fence would look nice. He would not like to see a wooden fence, as if it is not taken care of, it would not look good after 10 years. Jeff Wallace stated he and Frank Slattery have talked about building a fence, and feels that if it is built and given to Fran, it is his responsibility to maintain his side.

Kenneth Kern stated we are going back to what was originally agreed upon. It seems the drop off is a concern, so it becomes a safety issue.

Fran Dellamano stated because fences being priced at $6,000 to $8,000, he asked if it would be an option to put shrubbery or rose bushes there. No one is going to drive through or walk through them. It would be cheaper to put up a cyclone fence with evergreens. He stated we must all work together, and would like to table the matter until next month's meeting, and come back with a plan. Jim Zappala stated he would like to settle it tonight.

Jeff Wallace said he would get a sketch, and he and Frank Slattery would work together, and bring it to the next meeting. It will show a chain link fence, the correct size, with some shrubbery, and perhaps make some suggestions on what type of shrubbery.

Fran Dellamano stated that Jim Zappala doesn't want to wait until next month, but with the weather, they couldn't do anything now anyway, so we will wait until the March meeting. He stated he would like a motion.

Kenneth Kern made a motion to Amend VIP Structures Site Plan to erect a barrier and fence because of safety issues. Barry Pritchard seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

After the Zappala group left the meeting, Stephen Greene stated we had a good approach regarding the matter. They could have been cited for changing the Site Plan, but because it was settled amicably, it worked out better, and that is why he said nothing.

Comprehensive Plan:

At approximately 7:40 PM, Fran Dellamano opened discussion regarding the Comprehensive Plan. He stated he went to the County Building and talked at length with Karen Noyes, and obtained some maps. (A large map was spread on the table for the Board Members to view). He said a Comprehensive Plan is supposed to give a general idea of the Town, and what we want as land use of the Town. This would be good for the next 20 or 30 years, not for just 10 years. The plan we did have, was too complex. It was a zoning plan, not comprehensive. He went around the town, and basically it is almost the same with some changes. His thoughts are that we should have one residential area. We have agricultural, industry and business districts. We also have the flood plane, which you can't build on anyway. We will give each section a number and color. Most of the Town will be white, which we can do anything we want, so long as it is approved. We would have to go to zoning. We have to go by rules and regulations as to a residence with a site plan. He stated we really don't know what is going to happen to Oswego Town. If half the town that isn't going to be developed is going to be homes; if we look at the economy of our town, it could be slow.

Kenneth Kern stated that you never know. Look at the Town of Cicero 30 years ago. On Route 31, there was nothing, and now look at it!

Fran Dellamano said in the white area, you can have a business with a Site Plan Review. The red section on Fred Haynes Blvd., is white, because someone could decide to put nice houses in there. The other place changed a bit, is down by where Harger Woodworth is. He has open fields, and he left them white. He put yellow down near Ridge Road, as there are houses on that road which are pretty nice. Fran went down Johnson Road, and put yellow, as there are a lot of houses there. A question Fran had was the college area being white, which means you can put trailers there, and he doesn't like the idea of a lot of trailers. He said possibly, we could mark that area as White #1 and White #2.

Kenneth Kern stated there are already trailers there, but they are grandfathered in, and Fran stated a trailer park is different than trailers. Ken said that dealing with what we already have, we don't want infringement and that because it is open, they can do anything they want. Lee Phillips stated what we can do is leave some areas open, and zone them as they develop.

Fran Dellamano stated in the white areas, we could have what is called Planned Development, and have special zoning. We would get a lot of protection with the yellow areas. We will bring the Comprehensive Plan to the Town Board Meeting, which is March 8th.

New Business:

Approval of January 26, 2004 Minutes:

At approximately 7:55, Kenneth Kern motioned that we approve the Minutes of the January 26, 2004 Meeting. Barry Pritchard seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.


No applicants.

Public Comment:

No public comment.

Open Board Discussion:

There was no Open Board Discussion, with the exception of the previous discussion on the Comprehensive Plan.


At approximately 8:10 :M, Fran Dellamano entertained a Motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Lee Phillips. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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