June 28, 2004
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Kenneth Kern,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, John Pritchard, Robert Smith
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
The Planning Board Meeting for June 28, 2004 was called to order by Judy Sabin-Watson at approximately 7:03 PM.

Those in attendance were:
Judy Sabin-Watson
Francis Dellamano
Kenneth Kern
Lee Phillips
John Pritchard
Barry Pritchard
Stephen Greene, Jr
Marjorie Best
Absent were:
Alternate Member Robert Smith
Old Business:

Approval of May 17, 2004 Minutes:

Lee Phillips stated his name was omitted from the attendance of last month's meeting. Secretary added his name as being in attendance. Fran Dellamano made a Motion that the Minutes be approved with the addition of Lee's name. Ken Kern seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Comprehensive Plan:

Judy Watson stated the Secretary received an e-mail from Victoria Mullen, Supervisor, who wanted to know exactly where the Planning Board stands with the Land Use Map, as she would like to hold a Public Hearing. Judy said she would e-mail Vicky, and let her know what is transpiring.

Fran Dellamano stated if we come up with the proper definitions, we should be all set. Steve Greene suggested we get a couple of ideas from the Association of Towns, which would be available to look at. Fran Dellamano said it should be made clear that nothing can be done with the Land Use Map until we come up with the definitions. He said he can not see what is so complex about the Comprehensive Plan. We do not want this to be a Zoning Map, but we have to put in definitions, perhaps from a county map that makes sense.

Ken Kern stated we have listed Residential, R-1, Agricultural, Conservation, Industry and Open. This is what we are talking about redoing or redefining. Steve Greene said we would be coming up with general definitions on this plan first, and redoing definitions for the Zoning Map. He said the Comprehensive Plan will be general definitions, and the Zoning Ordinance would be more specific.

Judy Watson wanted to get the facts straight - We need a model Ordinance with definitions, or a Comprehensive Plan. Fran Dellamano stated he thinks we have to do that. There are people in Albany who will help us, as they are resource people, and there will be no charge, as they are the driving source. Judy Watson said she would get in touch with Brian Frazier of the County Planning Board, and obtain the phone number for Albany. Fran asked Steve Greene, once we get in touch with the people from Albany, as he is working for the Planning Board, could he work with us to get definitions. Steve said we would have to get permission from Vicky to spend additional time on it. He said we could have a couple of long meetings and work on it that way. Fran stated what we would have to do, is get the definitions that other towns use. Judy again said she would talk with Brian. Fran stated he would like to get them going before the next meeting and go over them. He stated he had talked to Karen Noyes, who was supposed to include definitions, and she did not realize they were not in there, until he brought it to her attention. If the Town paid the County to work on the project, we should have received assistance with the definitions. Judy said when she talks to Brian, she will tell him we received the map, but never did receive the definitions.

John Pritchard stated people who come in here to start a business would like to not have to go through all this. He went through the map, pointing to business and residential districts, and mentioned some businesses such as Zagame's, Zappala's, Doug Malone's Garage, and the Little While. There are areas left for zoning on the main highway. He also mentioned areas listed as open, that could be for business. Fran said if the definitions are written correctly, they would not have to go through zoning, and there are times they would have to go through the Planning Board for Site Plan Review. Judy state she would see what she could get from the County Planning Board, and then get in touch with the Secretary to see that each member receives the material before the next meeting, so they will have a chance to read it ahead of time.

New Business:

Applicants: None

Public Comment: None

Open Board Discussion:

Judy Watson said she has received telephone calls from a gentleman by the name of Parry Noun. He owns townhouses on VanBuren Street in Oswego. He is interested in building condos or townhouses on Fred Haynes Blvd. She asked if any other members heard from him. She said she has been playing phone tag, and will try to reach him again.

Ken Kern asked if there was anything we could do as the Planning Board to attract businesses in the town. He said at this point, everything is East of the City, such as Walmart, and chain grocery stores. We would like to see Walmart or some other businesses come West. Again, John Pritchard pointed to the map, explaining where businesses are now, and where there could be room for businesses in open land, especially on Route 104 West. Fran Dellamano stated the way the economy is right now, we do not know if Oswego Town will grow.

Ken Kern asked if we had heard any more from VIP Structures. John Pritchard said the fence is up, the trees are planted, and they are putting the gravel in, and he understands they plan to black top the driveway, as well as the parking lot. Fran Dellamano said he went out there, and they did a beautiful job on the fence - it is black and it doesn't stick out, you cannot even see it. Ken Kern asked if anyone heard from Gary Coats. Barry Pritchard stated he understands that Gary Coats is no longer the Building Inspector. John Pritchard said he would like to see a Building Inspector right from our town, some retired fellow, to work about three days a week, rather than someone who has to come from Cortland, or some other town further away. Steve Greene stated there is more to it now. It is not just "Building Inspector". He is also the "Code Enforcement Officer", and must learn all the codes.


At approximately 7:50, John Pritchard moved to adjourn the meeting. Barry Pritchard seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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