February 21, 2005
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Kenneth Kern,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, John Pritchard
Alternate: Robert Smith
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
The Planning Board Meeting for February 21, 2005 was called to order by Fran Dellamano, sitting in for Chairman Judy Watson, at approximately 7:05 PM.


Those in attendance were:

Francis Dellamano
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Stephen Greene, Jr
Marjorie Best
Absent were:
Alternate Member
Judy Sabin-Watson
John Pritchard
Ken Kern
Robert Smith
Old Business:

Approval of January 17, 2005 Minutes:

A Motion was made by Lee Phillips to approve the January 17, 2005 Minutes. Barry Pritchard seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Regan Subdivision:

Shawn Regan was present at the meeting. His son, Shawn Regan II was also present, as he was doing a school project on Town Government.

Fran Dellamano had some questions, as there were quite a few pieces of correspondence enclosed with the packet sent to the members regarding the subdivision. First, Fran brought up the changing of the lot line. Shawn Regan stated he had talked with Judy, as well as the attorney regarding moving the pin, which is the only subject we are dealing with at this point. Fran stated we as the Planning Board approved this as a subdivision for houses, not for anything else. Shawn explained the driveway is needed to gain access to the road leading to the barn. Fran questioned the lot that is proposed to be sold to the Onondaga County Water Authority. Shawn explained that particular lot is not part of the Subdivision. Another question Fran asked was the lot with the barn 500 feet from the road. Barry Pritchard stated measurements of 247, 190 and 182 feet, which is more than 500 feet. Fran stated that most of this property is in an R-4 District, and the barn is not a business use, it is a town use. Fran also said that we as the Planning Board has the responsibility of conducting a public hearing for the people around there, as to a non-residential thing going in there. He asked if Onondaga County Water Authority is going to use the barn that is there, or add on or build another one. Shawn stated they are going to use the barn which is on the land now. Fran asked the Board Members if they had any other questions.

Barry Pritchard stated the purpose of this meeting is to move the pin. As to the Onondaga County Water Authority, that is another issue.

Fran asked for a Motion to approve the change in the lot line, Lots 19 and 20. Barry Pritchard made a Motion that we approve the change in the lot lines - "Map of Resubdivision of Lots 19 and 20, with remaining lands of James A. and Carol K. Regan, Part of Farm Lot 33, Town of Oswego, New York, certified by Russell L. Getman, Licensed Land Surveyor on January 14, 2005î. Lee Phillips seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

New Business:

Public Comment:

No public present.

Open Board Discussion:

Fran Dellamano again brought up the subject of the property being sold to the Onondaga County Water Authority. He said we must do right by the Town. We should let the people around there know what is happening. Fran questioned who lives around there (looking at subdivision map). We should write a letter to the Onondaga County Water Authority stating that if they plan on doing any building in the future, we get the Planning Board involved as to permits and a public hearing. He asked what the barn is used for, and Shawn said it is used for storage. If the Onondaga County Water Authority wants to have good public relations with the people who live in the area, the Planning Board needs to be involved. We would ask them to come to the Planning Board, and have a public hearing to see if there are any problems with the neighbors. We have to live in this Town. Shawn said he does not see a change in the future. At the present time, just two people go to the property from the Onondaga County Water Authority, namely, Scott Sharkey, and Pat Guerin.

Barry Pritchard suggested we table the issue of Onondaga County Water Authority purchasing the property until the March meeting. We could write a "sample" letter to be approved by the Board to send to the Onondaga County Water Authority.

Lee Phillips asked if anyone has heard from Robert Smith, our Alternate regarding the letter written to him, as to his interests on serving as an alternate on the Board. At this point, no one has heard from him.


At approximately 7:45 PM, Lee Phillips moved to adjourn the meeting. Barry Pritchard seconded the Motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best,
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