May 25, 2005
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Kenneth Kern,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, John Pritchard
Alternate: Robert Smith
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
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Call to Order:

At approximately 7:00 PM, Judy Watson, Chairman of the Planning Board called to order the continuation of the May 16, 2005 Planning Board Meeting.


Those in attendance were:
Judy Sabin-Watson
Francis Dellamano
Kenneth Kern
John Pritchard
Barry Pritchard
Stephen Greene, Jr
Marjorie Best
Absent was:
Member Lee Phillips
Old Business:

Application #2005-02 - Ronald L. Hawe:

Judy explained she had a meeting with Brian Frazier and Attorney Steve Greene regarding the Environmental Impact Statement. There were several items on Part I that needed to be changed or clarified, or that were not filled in. She said she attempted to go over them with Mr. Hawe by phone, but unfortunately got into a verbal confrontation, so she stated to him that we would review the changes at the meeting on May 25th. Judy went over the changes for approval as follows:

Page 2: We needed more description on exactly what we are looking for. What she has added is 27 RV sites; 10 tent sites, and a total of 10 acres located at 7669 State Route 104, Oswego, NY.

Page 3, Item 2: Presently 5 acres of meadow or brushland. Ron Hawe stated it would be 5 acres of grass or lawn. Fran Dellamano said meadow is different than grass. Judy said the math does not agree, as Mr. Hawe filled in 5 acres of meadow presently, and 7 acres after completion; and manicured lawn, 5 acres presently; and 6 acres of manicured lawn after completion, which would add to 13 acres. Ron said he has gravel at every site for motor homes to park, that he is not going to have them park on the grass. After some discussion, Section 2 will list 5 acres presently of meadow, and 5 acres presently of manicured lawn. Judy and Richard Palmer, who appeared with Mr. Hawe came to that agreement. Judy said there is nothing indicated as to Forested, Agricultural, Wetland, Water Surface Area, or Unvegetated. Ron Hawe said the approximate acreage is 10 acres, and to be exact 9.85 acres.

Page 4: Does the present site include scenic views known to be important to the community. Judy filled in No. Streams within or contiguous to project area, she stated None, and Lakes, Ponds, Wetland Areas within or contiguous to project area, she stated None. All were in agreement.

Page 5: Length of project in miles, Judy indicated NA; as well as if the project is an expansion, NA; and maximum vehicular trips generated per hour, as 3; If residential: Number and type of housing units, NA. All were in agreement.

Page 6, Item 6: If single phase project - Anticipated period of construction, Judy indicated 2 months. Ron Hawe said he had been working on it for 23 years. After some discussion, it was agreed 2 months. Item 16: Will the project generate solid waste. Judy checked Yes instead of No, because there will be garbage. Item 16a: The amount of garbage per month, Judy indicated "unable to obtain information" as we do not know how much garbage will be generated. Item 16b: Will a solid waste facility be used, Judy checked Yes. Item 16c: The name of the facility will be Butler Disposal located in Oswego. All were in agreement.

Page 7, Item 23: Total anticipated water usage per day. Judy contacted the Health Department, and found that 1,309 gallons would be used per day. All in agreement.

Page 8: Approvals Required: Judy checked Oswego Town, Oswego County Health Department, Oswego County Planning Board, DOT, and DEC. In Section C-1: Zoning and Planning Information, does proposed action involve a planning or zoning decision, Judy checked Yes, and checked Site Plan and Special Use Permit. Steve Greene stated a Special Use Permit is required in an R-4 District. The members looked over the survey map, detailing what sections of the property are in R-4, Open and Commercial. Part of the road will be in R-4. All in agreement for Page 8.

Page 9: Ron Hawe indicated on No. 3, What is the maximum potential development of the site if developed as permitted by present zoning as 100%, and No. 5, What is the maximum potential development of the site if developed as permitted by proposed zoning, as 100%. She asked if he was going to use every bit of available space. After some discussion, it was agreed both 3 and 5 will be 50%.

Page 10, Item 11: Will the proposed action create a demand for any community provided services (recreation, education, police, fire protection. Judy checked yes. Item 11a: If yes, is existing capacity sufficient to handle projected demand, and Judy wrote in Police and Fire. All were in agreement.

Judy Watson stated she, Steve and Brian Frazier went over Part 2 of the Environmental Impact Statement. Steve Greene stated this cannot be approved tonight. According to Section 239 (l&m), because the project is 500 feet from a state highway, a decision will be made within 30 days. We have to hear from DOT and DEC.

Judy asked for a Motion to that effect. Barry Pritchard made a motion, and John Pritchard seconded the motion. All ayes, Motion carried.

Part of the packet is the New Business Permit. Fran questioned the operation - summer only? He said we should put it as 12 months a year. Electric is involved and if Ron wanted to stay open, why not indicate 12 months a year. Judy asked for a motion to change it to 12 months a year. Barry Pritchard made the motion, and Kenn Kern seconded it. All ayes. Motion carried.

Ron Hawe was somewhat irritated about waiting another 30 days. He showed that he had building permits from the 1980ís. Steve stated we are doing the best we can, but when the State Organizations are involved, we must go by their rules.

Ron claimed he dealt with the Planning Board for years. Fran said he had been with the Planning Board from day one, and he never appeared before the Planning Board, it was the Zoning Board of Appeals. Ron also brought up the subject of putting the water line in, which cost him $920, and had problems getting it installed and tapping in. He said that was one more problem he had over the years.

Richard Palmer stated he wants to get things done, so Mr. Hawe can open his campground. Steve again said when we get all the findings back from the DEC, DOT, and other agencies, and everything is in order, we will put a stamp on it at the next meeting.

John Darling:

Fran Dellamano brought up the subject of John Darling, who appeared at last week's meeting asking questions about a development he wants to put in. There is one lot that does not have road frontage. They must all have road frontage. Barry Pritchard said if he gets the Town to put in the road, it would be okay.

Steve Greene quoted from the Town of Oswego Subdivision Regulations, Page 3, Section 7, Definition of Subdivision, No. 2

"The division of a parcel of land into two or more lots where one or more of the lots lacks existing road frontage."

Fran apologized for his misinterpretation at the last meeting. Judy said this should go back to the Town. He should go to Theresa if he is amending his business permit. Fran said we should write a letter to Mr. Darling stating this, and give him some steps as to what he has to do before he comes to another meeting. Judy said we must resolve the ownership of the land. Barry Pritchard said another option would be if the homeowner maintains the road. Fran said after we get the road issue worked out, then he could come to a meeting. Judy asked for a motion. Fran made the motion, and John Pritchard seconded it. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Fran stated appeared at the Zoning Board Meeting last week, and was impressed at the action they took in the Donald Smith application by denying it. They did what was right as we all try to do. He also stated that a letter was written to the neighbors within 1,500 feet, and there were no complaints.

The matter of John Bush's proposal came up for discussion, and John Vashaw owning the property. That is also in an R-2 zone where business is not allowed. Wayne Newton, the CEO wrote a letter to Mr. Vashaw ordering him to stop the operation of any and all business at that location.

Judy brought up the subject of Mr. Hawe's sign. It is 7 feet by 13 feet. It was also mentioned changes in the name of the campground on the sign. One is Orchard Park Campground, and another for Yesterday's RV Park, as indicated in his brochure. Fran mentioned the height of the sign in relation to a motor home height. It was also discussed how far back the sign would be placed on the property. Judy was concerned about people with an RV pulling out of the campground, and not being able to see around the sign. She also asked if anyone noticed he has cabins on the survey It was also questioned as to how far back the sign will be from the road. The sign is not included on the site plan. Kenn Kern said we should request a site plan for the sign. Kenn measured the survey with a ruler, and stated the sign will be located 50 feet from the road right of way boundary.

Judy suggested we write to the residents of the Silver Lake Subdivision who appeared at the meeting, and send them copies of the letters written to James Regan and OCWA.


Ken Kern made a motion to adjourn the meeting at approximately 8:30 PM. John Pritchard seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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