July 17, 2006
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Kenneth Kern,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Jeffrey Boyer, James Finn
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Call to Order:

At approximately 7:05 PM, Judy Watson, Chairman of the Planning Board called the meeting to order.


Those in attendance were:
Judy Sabin-Watson
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Jeffrey Boyer
James Finn
Stephen Greene, Jr.
Marjorie Best
Those in attendance were:
Francis Dellamano
Kenneth Kern
Old Business:

Approval of June 26, 2006 Minutes:

Lee Phillips made a motion that the minutes of June 26, 2006 be approved. Jeff Boyer seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Marge told the members that Fran Dellamano is in the hospital but will be home tomorrow (Tuesday). She brought a get well card for the members to sign.

Judy stated that the Jeff Draper public hearing is off, because the landlord increased his rent on the garage, and therefore is moving to another location.

Judy stated that at last month's meeting, we had an invitation to attend a State sponsored program, and Fran had suggested that perhaps we could get the program on a video or audio. Judy did make the call, and was told No, she could not get a video of the program.

New Business:

Application #2006-07 - Jerry Boak - Special Permit/New Business - 7:15 PM

Judy asked Jerry Boak to step forward, and have a seat at the table, and state his name, address and his intentions of the application. Jerry stated his name, and that he lives 401 County Rte 20, Town of Oswego, New York. He said he plans on retiring next year, and would like to buy cars at an auction, and sell them, one car at a time. He said he is not going to have a whole bunch of cars around. He said he lives there, and doesn't want to clutter up the property with cars. He said if he leaves for 4 months during the winter, he will not have a car out there. If he has one, he will put it in his garage. Judy asked where the car for sale would be parked, and Jerry showed the spot on the map where it would be parked. He said he has a turn-around driveway. Jerry also explained the property lines of his property. He said he applied for a variance to build a garage at the end of his property line next to Art Hough's, about 4 feet from the edge of the property line. He also mentioned a right of way. He stated in his application that he did not have intentions of putting a sign up, but he received a packet from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and he is required to put a sign up that he is registered to sell vehicles. He said it would be a small sign, and will tack it to his garage. Barry Pritchard said a sign could be 2í x 2í. Judy wanted to make sure that he abides by his plan - to have one vehicle to sell at a time - not have 4 or 5 cars parked there. Jerry said that is his plan, as he does not want his yard to look like a junk yard with several cars. Lee noted that no one showed up in opposition. Jerry said he talked to all the neighbors, and they didn't have any problems, as long as he sticks to his plan of showing one vehicle at a time. Judy asked for a motion to approve the application. Lee Phillips made a motion that the application be approved. Jeff Boyer seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

No one from the public was present.

Open Board Discussion:

Judy stated that we haven't worked on the zoning regulations, however, that she, Greg Auleta, Vicky, Theresa and Donna Scanlon will be meeting on Thursday the 20th. Judy had much praise for Donna Scanlon of the County Planning Board. She will help us all the way, and in fact, she is going to drive around the town to see what districts are what - as far as residential, industrial and open. Donna had also suggested that we have overlays on the Comprehensive Map. She also said Donna is going to look into what other towns have done. Donna said we may not need four residential districts, that we can look into the language as to definitions. She also questions industrial, if we need all that area for industrial. Barry Pritchard said that area of the tank farm is all industrial, and all the area along the Rathburn Road.


At approximately 7:30 PM, Lee Phillips made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Barry Pritchard seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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