November 20, 2006
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Judy Sabin-Watson
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Jeffrey Boyer, James Finn
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Call to Order:

At approximately 7:05 PM, Chairman Judy Watson called the meeting to order.


Those in attendance were:
Judy Sabin-Watson
Francis Dellamano
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Stephen Greene, Jr.
Marjorie Best
Those absent were:
Jeffrey Boyer
James Finn
Old Business:

Approval of October 16, 2006 Minutes:

Judy asked the members if they had any comments on the minutes of October 16, 2006. Barry Pritchard made a motion that we approve the minutes of October 16, 2006. Lee Phillips seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Judy said the committee is still meeting every 2 weeks with the Committee on the Zoning Regulations. Hopefully we will get it done soon. Donna Scanlon has been doing a great job working with us to get everything organized. Fran Dellamano wondered if somehow, they could start working us into the meetings, as we may have some ideas. Judy said when Brian Frazier was working with us, we did it one way. Donna is doing it another way, and I don't have anything concrete to give you. Judy said as soon as she has something that looks like it is workable, she promises to share it with the members.

At last month's meeting, discussion came up about the Robert Yurkon property next to the Little While, and what was permitted to be done by the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board. Fran suggested we look for the minutes, and will discuss it at this month's meeting. Marge did find the minutes, which were taken November 24, 2003. I will quote that portion of the minutes:

"Bob Yurkon presented paperwork for a SEQR application, which the State DOT has asked him to submit. He was asking the Planning Board for their approval so he can continue this project in the Spring. Discussion was held and the Planning Board completed page two of the SEQR form."

Fran Dellamano asked Judy if she said anything to them, or written any letters. Judy said she talked to Theresa, as she was helping to look for the minutes, and she was going to talked to Code Enforcement. Fran said every time he goes by there, he wonders if the drainage will wash out the Little While. Barry Pritchard said if it was going to wash out, it would have by now with all the rain we had. Fran said we'll have to get into it more with the CEO and get site plan approval. Judy said we will have to get a handle on what is going on, as we don't want to wind up with another mess like the camp ground, and let it go on for years and years.

New Business:


Public Comment:

No one from the public present.

Open Board Discussion:

Discussed under Old Business


At approximately 7:20 PM, Lee Phillips made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Fran Dellamano seconded the motion. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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