November 19, 2007
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Judy Sabin-Watson, Francis Dellamano,
Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, James Finn
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Call to Order:

At approximately 7:00 PM, Chairman Jeffrey Boyer called the meeting to order.

Those in attendance were:

Jeffrey Boyer
Judy Watson
Francis Dellamano
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Steve Greene, Jr.
Marjorie Best
Attorney to the Board

Absent was:

James Finn Member

Jeff started to go over the Agenda, and Marge interrupted stated that there was no No. 5 listed, which was supposed to be "New Business - None." However, as of today, Theresa Cooper called, and said she was leaving a folder in her box - Washburn, who is going to open Oswego Hots. She wanted us to look this over, so we'll put that under New Business.

Approval of October 15, 2007 Minutes:

Jeff asked if everyone had a chance to review to October 15, 2007 Minutes, and asked if there were any corrections. There being none, Fran Dellamano made a motion to approve the minutes, and Lee Phillips seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Old Business:

Application #2007-03 - United Group - Oswego College Suites - Site Plan Review:

Jeff said the only new activity since the last meeting - everyone now has some additional input to the SEQRA Committee's questions from Barton & Loguidice. He asked the members if they had a chance to review it. He asked for comments on the submittal. Jeff said as to the Traffic Study, there are still some questions open. What he suggested is that the SEQRA Committee, Jim and Barry get together next week at a convenient time with Kevin, and John Condino, to identify what the gaps and holes are so we can get a letter to United Group fairly quickly and try to get the questions answered.

Fran Dellamano felt that we should discuss it now, so they can take it with them to the Committee Meeting. He thinks one of the main things that should be addressed is everyone's concerns with the traffic problem near the college, and protect the area. Jeff asked if he was talking about additions to the recommendations being made - no through traffic signage - right hand turn lane. Fran asked if there was something in there specific to that? Jeff said yes, on Page 6. This was the original traffic study, which didn't meet the mark. He doesn't see the recommendations in the second study.

Jeff asked if the comments in the October 23rd letter came from the committee, and Barry said more likely from Barton & Loguidice. Jeff said it looks like they are only looking at the two major intersections - they are not looking at other intersections into the development. Fran said he took it that even double the traffic they propose, Phase I and Phase II, they figured it wasn't a problem. Fran said he isn't worried about 104. He is worried about the R-1 District. Barry said those streets are Franklin, Baylis, and New Street. Draper Street is not in the town. Fran said we should still put Draper Street in and protect them, even though it isn't in the Town. Barry said most of the traffic will come from Mollison Road to the main entrance. It says 70% of the generated traffic will turn left on Mollison Road and continue on.

Jeff said another issue, which Steve brought to his attention, that it doesn't say anything about Phase II, just Phase I. Barry and Fran both said there is something in the packet that mentions Phase II. Barry said Table 1 shows Phase I and II, if you can understand their numbers.

Fran referred to Comment 6 on Page 3, "It is recommended that the Board request that the study consider the potential effects Phase II would have absent a driveway entrance to Mollison Road". Jeff said Comment 5, Page 2 is the one, "As such, it is recommended that the trip generation calculations for the independent variable person be revisited and verified." Barry said our response, then they reviewed it - the number was wrong, and the trip generation was performed with 288 students, and that is just Phase II. Jeff said they did not really provide anything in this more recent survey.

Jeff said we really need to meet with Barton & Loguidice, and get Clough Harbour here, and address what our concerns are again, and get a letter written. Jeff said John Condino is available all of the week of December 3rd. Jeff said he would get ahold of Kevin Caraccioli, and see when he is available. Fran asked if the Engineer should be notified to come here for the comments and questions. Barry said that would be Clough Harbour. Barry said we should be questioning United Group. We should tell them our concerns, and we feel that their Engineer should address them, unless Steve feels different. Steve said we could do it by letter after the Committee meets. Barry said we still should communicate with United Group to start with.

Steve brought up Table 1 in the Traffic Study, Page 2, look at the 2nd box, he said he imagines that Barton and Loguidice wants to see if that is accurate. Phase II shows the traffic with No Connector Road and With Connector Road are the same.

There was no more discussion on United Group, and Jeff said he would get back with us regarding a date for the Committee Meeting.

Judy Watson wanted to point out what is going on with the revision of the Zoning Regulations. She said there are some legal things we can, and cannot do. One of the things we are concerned about is if someone has already been granted a variance, that goes with the property. There was some talk about they would have to come back for another use variance. Albany is looking into that because at this point that is illegal to do, because you would be taking away the right of owner to sell the property to someone else who wants to use it for the same thing again. Fran said, we understood that, but what the thing is, we have to get our minds in order that when we give a variance, we have to give a restricted variance, if it doesn't fit that variance, they are going to have to come back. Judy said for example, if it is granted for a repair service - you can't make it any bigger. Also we have to look at the hours of operation, so that when someone new comes in, that this is all that you can do in there. You can't change the operation. If it was a repair shop, and want to go to sales, you can't do that. Judy said Wayne has been sitting in on some of the meetings, and has given some input.

New Business:

David Washburn - Oswego Hots - New Business Permit & Sign Permit:

Jeff asked Fran what will we do with this. Marge said Theresa said she didn't know if part of this will have to go to Zoning. Barry said it will be a hot dog stand, and Judy wondered if they are going to sell liquor. This is an entirely new business - from Donna's Distinctive Cuts to Oswego Hots. Jeff read parts of the application - Type of business, being a restaurant. Any new construction - interior only. Replacing current sign - 6í x 6í. Fran said we have to do a Site Plan Review. Jeff said he called Wayne Newton, and he said it was already a commercial property, and all he needed to do is file for a Business Permit.

Steve said his father represented the guy in the purchase, so he has to stay out of it. So if there are any legal questions, they should talk to Kevin.

Fran quoted from the Ordinance - Section E- Business "B" District - ì1. Principal uses. In a "B" District, no building or premises shall be used and no building shall hereafter be erected or altered unless otherwise provided for in this Ordinance, except for one or more of the following uses and upon the condition that adequate off-street parking be available".

Jeff said it looks like Theresa should get ahold of Mr. Washburn, and have him come in and fill out the Site Plan Review form to go before the Planning Board.

Fran quoted "Site Plans" from Page 15 of the Ordinance. So it certainly indicates that a Site Plan is needed, along with the sign and parking. Marge said she would write a note to Theresa, and leave it in her box along with these forms.

Public Comment: None

Open Board Discussion:

Jeff said he did talk to Wayne about Oscar's, and he did write the owner, and told him he needed to come in and talk to the Board.

Barry asked if anyone heard anything about Tygve Stout, about building town houses. Barry asked Marge if it came up at the Zoning, which she said no, it did not. Judy said he didn't need anything, just a building permit.


At approximately 8:00 PM, Lee Phillips made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Barry Pritchard seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best,
Secretary to Planning Board
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