October 20, 2008
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Judy Sabin-Watson, Richard Tesoriero
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Joyce Molinari
Call to Order: The meeting of the Oswego Town Planning Board was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Board President Jeffrey Boyer.

Attendance: Those in attendance were:
Jeffrey Boyer
Francis Dellamano
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Judy Sabin-Watson
Richard Tesoriero
Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Joyce Molinari
Attorney to the Board
Others in Attendance:
Tim Relyea, Limestone Ridge LLC
Joe Oleyourryk
Greg Herrmann, Town Board member
Mike Ferlito
Jeffrey Boyer welcomed new Board Member Richard Tesoriero to the meeting.

Approval of September 15, 2008, Meeting Minutes: Barry Pritchard moved that the September 15, 2008, minutes be approved as written. The motion was seconded by Lee Phillips. All ayes; motion carried.

The meeting was temporarily adjourned until 7:10 p.m., the time scheduled for the Public Hearing on the proposed Limestone Ridge Subdivision.

During the time period until 7:10 p.m., three topics were heard.

A. Judy Watson reported that the Town Board has passed a local law regarding windmills. However, the fees have not yet been determined. The final draft of the revised zoning is complete, and that committee will be meeting on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, to go over the document to verify that it says what they intend it to say. It will then go for discussion at the November Town Board meeting with a public hearing scheduled for the December meeting.

B. Joyce Molinari reported on the County Planning Board meeting that she had attended at the High School, concerning planning & zoning regulations and offered to share the CD from that meeting with anyone who is interested.

C. Francis Dellamano asked about the location of the Mary Walker sign on the Limestone Ridge survey map. Tim Relyea pointed out that he thought it was on the large part of the parcel (Lot 5), near the fire hydrant.

At 7:11 p.m. the meeting was resumed.

Old Business: Public Hearing – Limestone Ridge Site Plan Review for the Proposed Subdivision on Bunker Hill Road

Jeff Boyer stated that Mr. Relyea has made an application to the Town, has had a soil analysis done, and has started the short form of the environmental assessment (SEQR). In addition, the Planning Board has provided all pertinent information to the County Planning Board, and the County has responded that it is not within their authority to review realty subdivisions. The notice was in the Palladium-Times on October 8, 2008, and met the 10-day requirement for a Public Hearing.

Tim Relyea gave a brief description of the proposed project, a subdivision of four (4) parcels under five (5) acres and pointed out the relevant information on the survey map.

Jeff Boyer brought up the question, from the September 15, 2008, meeting, concerning the site of the Mary Walker sign, and what the Historical Society might want to do concerning its ongoing care.

Joe Oleyourryk, representing the Historical Society, reported that they had not had enough time, yet, to come up with a plan, but felt that they were looking to do something that would be simple and easy to maintain.

Tim Relyea added that Limestone Ridge would be willing to give some kind of easement to the Town for the Mary Walker site to be cared for properly.

Francis Dellamano stated his concern that nothing permanent has been decided, yet.

Discussion continued concerning the Mary Walker site and whether the present sign is on Limestone Ridge property or Town property and whether the sign is owned by the Town or the State.

Francis Dellamano made it clear that the Town should be concerned about the historical significance of the site 50 or 100 years from now, not just for the present day.

Discussion continued on this topic, until the Board, Mr. Relyea, and Mr. Oleyourryk agreed that the Historical Society should investigate whether the sign is located on Limestone Ridge property or the Town right-of-way, who installed and owns the actual sign, and what kind of site the Historical Society feels would be appropriate and easy to maintain.

Joe Oleyourryk asked if the Board wanted a proposal from the Historical Society, regarding the Mary Walker site.

Francis Dellamano clarified that the Board has nothing more to do with it, officially, but that it would be good if the Historical Society could go to the site with Mr. Relyea and talk about it with him, then decide what they want to do about it. Again, he suggested keeping in mind that they should consider 50 or 100 years from now, not just today, but that they would be doing it as citizens of the Town, not just for the Planning Board.

In response to a request made by Mr. Dellamano, Joe Oleyourryk agreed that the Historical Society would send a letter to the Planning Board, explaining whatever decision they make concerning the Mary Walker home site.

One question from the public was whether the Limestone Ridge property would be turned into a trailer park. Mr. Relyea said that there was no intention of having a mobile home park there, that he was only selling the land – four (4) lots – and that the buyers of the lots would have to abide by whatever the zoning code was for the area.

In answer to Jeff Boyer’s question concerning lot size, Mr. Relyea clarified that there were four (4) lots over three (3) acres each and one parcel that is 26.7 acres.

Judy Watson brought up the question of the zoning for the Limestone Ridge property. It was decided that it was partially R-4 and partially Open (O) as the parcels go back over 600 feet and there is no Open (O) within 500 feet of a road within the Town.

The Board then completed the Short Environmental Assessment Form as follows:


A. Does action exceed any Type 1 Threshold in 6 NYCRR, Part 617.4?
Answer: No

B. Will action receive coordinated review as provided for unlisted actions in
6 NYCRR, Part 617.6?
Answer: No

C. Could action result in any adverse effects associated with the following:

1. Existing air quality, surface or groundwater quality or quantity, noise levels,
existing traffic pattern, solid waste production or disposal, potential for
erosion, drainage or flooding problems?
Answer: No, proposal will not disturb any ground.

2. Aesthetic, agricultural, archaeological, historic, or other natural or cultural
resources; or community or neighborhood character?
Answer: Mary Walker sign will be maintained.

3. Vegetation or fauna, fish, shellfish or wildlife species, significant habitats,
or threatened or endangered species?
Answer: No, proposal is just for a subdivision of land.

4. A community’s existing plans or goals as officially adopted, or a change in
use or intensity of use of land or other natural resources?
Answer: No, proposal will not affect the comprehensive plan.

5. Growth, subsequent development, or related activities likely to be induced
by the proposed action?
Answer: No, proposal is just for a subdivision of land.

6. Long term, short term, cumulative, or other effects not identified in C1-C5?
Answer: No, there are no other impacts identified.

7. Other impacts (including changes in use of either quantity or type of energy?
Answer: No, there are no impacts identified.

D. Will the project have an impact on the environmental characteristics that
caused the establishment of a critical environmental area (CEA)?
Answer: No

E. Is there, or is there likely to be, controversy related to potential adverse
environmental impacts?
Answer: No


QUESTION: Have you determined, based on the information and analysis above
and any supporting documentation, that the proposed action WILL NOT result
in any significant adverse environmental impacts AND have provided the reasons
supporting this determination?
Answer: Yes

Jeff Boyer then asked for a motion to accept the proposal for a subdivision as proposed by Mr. Relyea.

Lee Phillips made the motion; there was a second by Francis Dellamano.

The Secretary then called the role for the vote, which was as follows:
Jeff Boyer Yes
Francis Dellamano Yes
Lee Phillips Yes
Barry Pritchard Yes
Judy Watson Yes
Richard Tesoriero Yes
All ayes; the motion passed.

Other Board Discussion: Francis Dellamano suggested that with a subdivision proposal the Board should receive a contour map with the application.

Tim Relyea said that this application would not affect any ground and that the builder of a house by anyone who might purchase one of the lots would have to provide that information at the time of their application for a building permit. Mr. Relyea commented that a contour map is needed with each separate building permit, so it shouldn’t be necessary for a subdivision application.

Francis Dellamano disagreed, pointing out that once the lots are sold, contour changes made by an individual lot owner can impact those around the area. Therefore, it should be done at the subdivision level, whether the original owner moves any land or not, because the ultimate goal is to sell the lots for houses to be built, and that could involve changes to the contours of the land and drainage problems which could be detrimental to others.

Judy Watson then pointed out that the original application and the 239 (l&m) that went to the County Planning Board should have the zoning changed to both Open (O) and R-4 and initialed by Jeff Boyer, which was done.

New Business: None

Adjournment: The motion was made by Lee Phillips to adjourn and seconded by Barry Pritchard. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. The next meeting will be November 17, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Molinari
Secretary to the Planning Board

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