February 16, 2009
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Judy Sabin-Watson
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Joyce Molinari
The Meeting of the Oswego Town Planning Board was called to order at 7:01PM by Board Chairman Jeffrey Boyer.

Attendance: Jeffrey Boyer, Chairman; Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Judy Sabin-Watson, Attorney, Kevin Caraccioli, Secretary, Noreen Ruttan

Public Attendees: Sherif Kassem, Robert Fragale, Janet Dexter, Jason He

Absent: Attorney, Stephen Greene

Approval of January 19, 2009 Meeting Minutes: Motion made by Barry Pritchard to approved previous meeting minutes as written.
2nd Lee Phillips. Motion carried

Old Business: Sherif Kassem Site Plan Review and Special Permit Application (File 2008-6)

Sherif Kassem explained the use of his proposed used car lot, office, car cleaning, no repairs.

Francis Dellamano questioned how many cars at a time.
Applicant – 3-10, not more than 10

Jeff Boyer stated property is on County Route 20. Previously used as car sales, auto detailing. R-4 District.

Lee Phillips questioned as to a license to sell cars.
Robert Fragale licensed since 1983.

Kevin Caraccioli stated that an R-4 District includes businesses, mobile homes, etc.

Lee Phillips questioned it being used as commercial.

Jeff Boyer stated applicant has applied for a special use permit.

Judy Watson – will there be any changes, business hours.
Applicant – Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM, no changes, one employee, no sign
(PBA Minutes 2/16/09)

Francis Dellamano – no site plan has been submitted.
Motion made by Francis Dellamano to postpone procedure until a site plan can be submitted.
2nd – Judy Watson. Carried

Public Hearing

Yuan He represented by Jason He – property located at 68 County Route 89, formerly Johnny’s Dockside. Always a restaurant. Application No. 2009-1

Francis Dellamano – has applicant talked to the Health Department?
Jason – Yes, building will be inspected.
Francis Dellamano – questioning septic system
Judy Watson – has the County been there? Concerned about the septic system.
Jason – No, Wayne Newton has been there
Francis Dellamano – need to get approval from the County, variance needed. Must make sure that septic is ok’d by the County Health Department. We need something in writing. Recommending approval subject to County inspection.
Judy Watson – will there be any changes?
Jason – No, no major renovations.
Lee Phillips – will there be dining inside?
Jason – Yes, also outside deck.
Lee Phillips – is there a sign now?
Jeff Boyer – Yes
Jason – will be a new sign

Janet Dexter (owner of property across the street) – she and her husband in favor of the project. Welcomed them to the neighborhood.

Motion by Francis Dellamano to approve application subject to variance approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals and letter from the Oswego County Health Department that the septic system is adequate and no problems.

2nd – Richard Tesoriero. Carried

Jeffrey Boyer gave instructions to the applicant.

Public Hearing – closed by Jeffrey Boyer

Jeffrey Boyer stated that Robert Fragale (Property owner of the Sherif Kassem project) submitted a handwritten site plan. He stopped selling cars in 1990. Property will remain the same. Sign, already existing, will stay.
(PBA Minutes 2/16/09)

Judy Watson – will all cars be outside. Is applicant buying property? Same property with 2 businesses?
Applicant – yes. Applicant will be renting buildings and office space. One for office, one for cleanup. There will be approximately 10 cars at a time. Dealership building will be used as office.
Francis Dellamano – should both applicant and property owner be applying for this.
Kevin Caraciolli – should be both applicant and owner. Both are present.
Richard Tesoriero – if business only last a year, wouldn’t it be better if both apply.
Kevin Caraciolli – approval is for the applicant.
Francis Dellamano – permit is for someone renting. It should be by land owner and applicant.
Barry Pritchard – the land owner already agrees.
Jeffrey Boyer – application for 2 bays and office (owner states 2 bays has office in it), plus the car display out front, gravel area, signage (on the building)

Motion by Francis Dellamano to accept project, with Conditional Use, a maximum of 10 vehicles for sale, open Monday thru Friday.

2nd – Lee Phillips. Carried

Public Comment – none

Open Board Discussion - New Zoning Regulations
Judy Watson – well received, revisions being made and will go back to Town, original map hard to read, Overlays taken off.
Francis Dellamano – Public Hearing disappointing. Only 2 speakers. Needs work, public input important.

Jeffrey Boyer – Training Certificates

Francis Dellamano and Richard Tesoriero submitted signed training certificates.

Motion by Jeffrey Boyer to adjourn at 7:50PM.

2nd – Barry Pritchard. Carried

Next meeting – March 16, 2009

Respectfully submitted,

Noreen Ruttan
Planning Board of Appeals Secretary
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