January 19, 2009
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Judy Sabin-Watson, Richard Tesoriero
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Joyce Molinari
Call to Order: The meeting of the Oswego Town Planning Board was called to order at 7:08 PM by Board President Jeffrey Boyer.

Those in attendance were:
Jeffrey Boyer
Francis Dellamano
Lee Phillips
Barry Pritchard
Judy Sabin-Watson
Richard Tesoriero
Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Attorney to the Board
Others in attendance:
Noreen Ruttan New Secretary
Approval of December 15, 2008, Meeting Minutes: Barry Pritchard made the motion to accept the minutes as written; seconded by Lee Phillips. All ayes; motion carried.

Old Business: Sherif Kassem Site Plan Review & Special Permit Application (File 2008-6)

The Secretary explained that the letter proposed by the Planning Board at the December 15, 2008, meeting had been sent to Ms. Kassem on January 7, 2009. Ms. Kassem had called on January 9th, asking for clarification about the Board’s questioning of the previous approval for the former owner of the business, Robert Fragle. Ms. Kassem said that she would check with Mr. Fragle immediately and would contact the Secretary again, after that. Ms. Kassem has not gotten back in touch, since that phone call.

Also, the Secretary has received word from Theresa Cooper that Wayne Newton recently faxed all of the needed forms to Ms. Kassem. The Secretary had then emailed Mr. Newton, but had not heard back from him as to whether Ms. Kassem had returned any of the forms, completed.

No action was taken by the Planning Board, and the matter of File 2008-6 was left open, pending further contact from Ms. Kassem.

New Business: Election of Planning Board Chairman for 2009

The matter of electing a Chairman for the Planning Board for 2009 was introduced by Judy Watson, who made the motion to elect Jeff Boyer for another term. The motion was seconded by Barry Pritchard. All ayes; the motion was approved.

Public Comment: None

Open Board Discussion:

A. Proposed New Zoning Regulations for the Town Board Public Hearing on February 9, 2009, 7:05 PM

Francis Dellamano asked for a copy of the January 15, 2009, minutes of the Zoning Board meeting, at which the proposed zoning regulations were discussed at some length. The Secretary agreed to get them out to each Planning Board member.

Mr. Dellamano went on to say that he would like to discuss procedure and to express his concerns over getting more community involvement in some way and finding out what the residents of the different zoning districts want for their own districts.

Judy Watson explained that the Town had hired the County to work with the committee on new zoning, to use the people who have experience as planners, and that they had made a point of driving around the Town and becoming familiar with what the Town was like and getting the flavor of the Town in order to give the committee advice.

Mr. Dellamano stated that he feels the decisions for zoning should be “for the people, by the people,” and that approving the proposed zoning, even in three (3) months, is too fast – that the citizens of the Town will not have had enough time to read, discuss, and digest the document and then have proper input into the matter.

The Board members continued the discussion concerning how many people even know what R-district they live in and the problems of getting people interested and involved. A bulk mailing to the residents, announcing the date, time, and purpose of the February Town Board Public Hearing, with a synopsis of each R-district, was also discussed. What items to put in such a synopsis, and what items would be of interest to different people, were included in the discussion – such as fences, wood burning stoves, junkyards, and setbacks.

Questions also arose about how to get the announcement of the February Town Board meeting out to more residents than just those who receive the Palladium-Times, and those who might look on the Town website

Jeff Boyer summarized that the best thing the Planning Board member can do is read the whole document, attend the Public Hearing, support the residents who also attend, and, at that time, suggest any changes the Board members think are needed. He also agreed to contact Vicky Mullen about any other methods of notification of the Public Hearing.

It was suggested by Judy Watson that, an article could be written or the Public Notice could be placed in a newspaper, such as the Shopper, which goes free to all residents who have a mailbox.

The general consensus by the Board members was that nothing else could be done until after the Public Hearing, when there would be a better understanding of the degree of interest and the concerns of the local residents.

B. Training

Jeff Boyer announced that he had searched for free training videos and handed out a packet “Site Development Plan Review” put together by the State, offering that for the remaining two (2) hours of required training. He also had produced a certification statement of training, which he had ready for each Board member, to be sent to the Town Board following completion of the final two (2) hours of training.

Barry Pritchard introduced a list of seven (7) free videos, twenty (20) minutes each, that he had found on the New York Planning Federation website, which could be used as an alternative training method.

Jeff also introduced upcoming training for 2009, from the New York State Department of State, Local Government Training Series. He also agreed to print out the County web-based information from the October 2008 training session, including the tests, and send it to the Board members. In addition, he pointed out that the Board should check the possible training sessions at least quarterly, in order to be sure that each member gets the required four (4) hours each year.

It was agreed that Jeff would apply for a waiver for Richard Tesoriero, stating that the two hours of training he has completed will be sufficient for 2008, since he wasn’t appointed to the Board until October.

C. Welcome of New Secretary

Jeff thanked Joyce Molinari for her service as Secretary, as she has resigned effective January 31, 2009, and welcomed Noreen Ruttan as the new Secretary, beginning February 1, 2009.

Adjournment: Stephen Greene stated that he will not be able to attend on February 16 or February 23, 2009, so the decision was made to keep the next meeting date as February 16th, unless something comes up which makes it necessary to change the date, in which case the Secretary will contact the Board members. The motion to adjourn was made by Lee Phillips and seconded by Barry Pritchard. The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Molinari
Secretary to the Planning Board
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