April 19, 2010
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Judy Sabin-Watson, Vacant
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Planning Board meeting called to order by Chairman, Jeffrey Boyer at 7:00PM.

Present – Jeff Boyer, Dr. Richard Tesoriero, Barry Pritchard, Lee Phillips, Francis Dellamano, Judy Watson, Stephen Greene, Jr. and Kevin Caraccioli, Attny.

No absences

Jeff Boyer explained the Agenda.

Motion to accept the meeting minutes of March 15, 2010 by Lee Phillips.
2nd – Dr. Tesoriero. Carried

Motion to accept the Public Hearing minutes of March 29, 2010 by Judy Watson.
2nd – Barry Pritchard. Carried

Old Business

Jeff Boyer – continued discussion about the Site Plan application for Oswego College Suites apartments. B&L has indicated that there is nothing further needed by them.

John Candido – confirmed that they have all that is necessary.

Jeff asked about DEC approvals for Storm Water.

Mel (United Group) stated that once they have the Board’s decision then they would submit to the DEC for the administrative re-approval.

Kevin asked if that is the final site plan approval if it were granted.

Jeff asked that it’s not needed until you get the Site Plan approval?

Mel stated that it is part of the approval process we then submit to the DEC and comply with their requirements.

Jeff stated we have two issues in front of us; 1) the SEQR and we as the lead agency we have the ability to reaffirm the SEQR. United Group has had submitted an amended Site
Planning Bd. mtg. 4/19/10

Plan, change in the style of the building, change in some of the transportation ingress and egress, they have addressed the transportation and they have addressed the environmental aesthetics, Air and Land and based on what he has read it has met or proved less of an impact on the environment than originally proposed. We need to either reaffirm or request a new SEQR.

Barry stated all concerns have been met with less of an impact.

Francis Dellamano stated that the new plan, the major change is moving the building. The only fact is the Storm Water is on a different slope.

Kevin stated that this would be addressed by the DEC in the SWIFF application.

Jeff suggests that Kevin reads the Resolution. Attached

Fran Dellamano asked who wrote the Resolution.

Kevin stated the applicants’ legal counsel and sent to Kevin and Steve for their review and comment.

Fran Dellamano questioned (i) Impact on Growth and Character of Community Neighborhood and would like it amended to read, 1st paragraph, last sentence, “The Planning Board does not expect that the reduced environmental impacts of the revised plan to result in additional public controversy.

Kevin stated that this was putting it into context. Within the SEQR criteria, the Board has to consider whether there is controversy about the project. Cannot ignore controversy. It is negated through addressing issue. Applicant is asking us to reaffirm the Negative Declaration.

Judy Watson stated she is not bothered because it is less of an impact, less people in concentrated area results in less of an impact.

John Candido suggests rewording sentence in Resolution to take out “significant new” and replace it with “additional.”

Kevin stated that would supplement any of the controversy that was raised under the first go round and to review the public comments there was discussion about Centro bus service, speed limit, traffic, sidewalk, and height of the building.

Fran Dellamano then questioned the (h) Noise and Odor Impact, on the proposed waste water treatment. He does not want to say, 1st paragraph, last sentence, “The design of the proposed wastewater treatment plant will eliminate any external noise or odor in areas outside the plant itself.” Things happen.

John Candido suggested that, “the design as proposed of the wastewater treatment plant will mitigate to the extent possible, eliminate any external noise and odor in areas outside the plant itself.” Final design will be subject to DEC approval.

Kevin - proposed new language for (h) Noise and Odor Impact:

“The design of the wastewater treatment plant as proposed by the applicant, is intended to eliminate any external noise or odor in the areas outside the plant itself. Final design approval must be granted by the NYSDEC.”

Fran questioned the original statements containing “will.” How many beds in original design?

Mel (UG) stated 405 in original design, now 400.

Fran questioned (a) Impact on the Land, 1st paragraph, last sentence, “Overall, more than _ acre of impervious surfaces has been eliminated.” What was eliminated?

Mel stated it was everything. It was not broken down by roof or asphalt. Less impervious areas.

Jeff stated the original complex had paved areas.

Motion by Barry Pritchard to accept the resolution for reaffirmation of the SEQR as modified in sections (h) and (i).
2nd – Lee Phillips

Jeffrey Boyer - yes
Francis Dellamano - yes
Lee Phillips - yes
Barry Pritchard - yes
Dr. Richard Tesoriero - yes
Judy Watson – yes

Motion carried.

Kevin will prepare packet for the 239 Site Plan Review for circulation to Board members. Copies will be distributed to:

Oswego County Planning and Development
Oswego County Highway Department
City of Oswego
National Grid
NYS Parks and Recreation

Jeff stated a copy of the Site Plan for a 239 Review and a copy of the SEQR and copies to all interested and involved agencies.
Kevin stated that under the 239 Review, the County has 30 days to review and respond.

New Business – none

Public Comment – none

Open Board Discussion

Jeff stated that Wayne went to training for 239 submittals and we and the ZBA have to submit a 239 with each application. No change as it is already done with each application.

Jeff asked about the bonding for the Perry Bertsch project.

Councilmember Anderson stated it was bonding issue was approved at the last Town Council meeting (4/12/10) but not submitted yet to the Planning and Zoning Boards.

Jeff stated that a letter was received today concerning James and Patricia Paternoster proposing a subdivision for the old Racemaster Tire property. Approval not needed from the Planning Board and a letter will be sent to them. Less than four subdivisions. (attached)

Motion to adjourn by Lee Phillips 7:50PM.
2nd – Dr. Tesoriero.

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
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