Planning Board
Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
August 16, 2010
Chairman: Jeffrey Boyer
Planning Board Members: Judy Sabin-Watson, Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Meeting called to order by Chairman Jeff Boyer at 7:05PM

Present – Judy Watson, Steve Greene, Jr., Lee Phillips, Richard Tesoriero, Francis Dellamano

Absent – Barry Pritchard
Jeff presented the Agenda

Motion by Richard Tesoriero to accept the Minutes of July 19, 2010
2nd – Lee Phillips. Carried

New Business

Public Hearing – Gianetto Farms, 2010-5, Wind Energy Conversion

Presentation by Court Rutherford, Prius Energy – Project within the Town Zoning requirements, 247’ away from the property lines, there will be no guide wires, 120’ tall, blades 20’, 140’ off the ground, below the FAA requirements for lighting, interconnected with the utility grid, has hydraulic ram. speed 10.27mph, 11,000-17,000kwh/yr, better for the environment, turns off during power outage. Qualified for USDA grant, NYSERDA grant and tax credit.

Jeff questioned the location on the property. Need something that shows location, property lines, etc.

Court explained location and will mark it on diagram. Owner has over 20 acres.

Judy questioned nothing submitted showing location, property lines, etc. (no survey map submitted).

Lee asked if they would be selling electricity back to utility.

Court stated no, he will be using more power, feeds back but is stored. No batteries, trying to make it greener. Helps load for electric users in the area. Decibel levels 61.7 db at 28’ from cell, very quiet. Wind turbine requirements for NYS – UL marked, shut off, braking system, 200mph wind structure.

Lee asked what happens at maximum 100rpm? Does braking system make noise?

Court explained dynamic braking system, tells when it is running too fast. Winds 65mph or greater, does not make noise, redundant breaking system.

Jeff questioned the 61.7db at 28’ from cell top of the turbine, below tip of blade, at the property line?

Court stated yes, quieter at property line.

Lee asked who manufactures this.

Court stated Redriven (sic) out of Kingston, Canada different parts come from various areas in the Country. Pole will be delivered on a flatbed, turbine, blades, etc. on another truck. CEO will issue the permits.

Neighbor asked how it is safeguarded against a lightning strike.

Court answers unit has a dissimilar (sic) rod; inside wire goes into ground, lightning arrester internal.

Jeff opened Public Hearing 7:25PM. 2010-5 Site Plan Gianetto Farms, Wind Energy Conversion, 1880 County Route 7, Oswego, NY.

With no public comment, Public Hearing is closed. 8:05PM

Jeff stated Local Law #2-2008 has been modified to eliminate bond. Bonding issue does not apply. Also need SEQR and Visual Challenge (attached).

Lee asked about vandalism prevention. Also, since it is built with grants can you have more than one.

Court stated there will be no guide wires, no access to climb tower. Only one per taxable parcel and utility meter.

Motion by Francis Dellamano to accept the Site Plan as presented with addendum.
2nd – Lee Phillips.

Vote: Jeff Boyer – yes
Francis Dellamano – yes
Lee Phillips – yes
Richard Tesoriero – yes
Judy Watson – yes
Barry Pritchard (absent)


Public Hearing – 2010-6 Dunsmoor Farms, Wind Energy Conversion, 7165 State Route 104, Oswego, NY

Court Rutherford presented the Site Plan. 120’ wind turbine, 10.69mph wind speed, 33-45kwh, same pole as Gianetto Farms, further from property lines, 900’ off road, 300’ from closest structure, larger parcel. Same system as Gianetto Farms project. Neighbors were notified of Public Hearing.

Jeff opened Public Hearing 8:06PM Gianetto Farms, 2010-6

Jeff asked where it is going on property, will there be a building for construction? Need SEQR and Visual Challenge. (attached)

Judy said diagram must be marked showing distances, property lines, etc. as required.

Court stated he would mark up diagram.

With no public comment, Public Hearing closed 8:10PM

Motion to accept Site Plan 2010-6 as presented.
2nd – Judy Watson.

Vote: Jeff Boyer – yes
Francis Dellamano – yes
Richard Tesoriero – yes
Lee Phillips – yes
Judy Watson – yes
Barry Pritchard (absent)


Public Comment – none

Open Board Discussion

Jeff told the Board he is moving to Alabama and is resigning as Chairman of the Planning Board.

Motion to nominate Barry Pritchard as the new chairman by Lee Phillips.
2nd – Richard Tesoriero

Vote – Jeff Boyer – yes
Francis Dellamano – yes
Richard Tesoriero- yes
Lee Phillips – yes
Judy Watson – yes


Motion to adjourn by Richard Tesoriero at 8:20PM.
2nd Lee Phillips. Carried

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
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