January 18, 2010
Planning Board Minutes Amended
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Judy Sabin-Watson, Vacant
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Meeting called to order by Chairman, Jeff Boyer at 7:00PM

Present: Kathy Wolf (for Steve Greene, Jr.), Francis Dellamano, Judy Watson, Barry Pritchard, Dr. Richard Tesoriero, Lee Phillips, Jeff Boyer

Absent – none

Jeff – presented Agenda

Motion to approve minutes of the December 21, 2009 meeting – Dr. Tesoriero

2nd – Judy Watson. Carried

Jeff – Anderson application 2009-5

County sent a letter referencing the 239 review wanting to modify the Site Plan to show parking, egress and ingress.

Fran Dellamano – wants applicant to present a better Site Plan. Would like another Site Plan.

Jeff – this Site Plan has already been approved.

Fran Dellamano – what was presented did not include the current plan.

Jeff – this is a warehousing type business. No change to property.

Tim Anderson (applicant) – presented new Site Plan showing dimensions, driveway, parking area and stated driveway also paved.

Jeff – is Site Plan submitted ok?

Jeff – discussion at the last meeting indicates there is not customer traffic, there is no parking.

Katherine Wolf – the way the County has worded it is, “the applicant should clearly identify the needed parking spaces drawn to scale.” If you can indicate the actual parking spaces will address what the County needs.

Fran Dellamano – plenty of parking indicated.

Lee Phillips – specific parking not necessary because it is not needed.

Judy Watson – parking spot for delivery/pick up should be indicated. In our new Zoning it is more specific about what we would accept for a Site Plan.

Katherine Wolf – that should satisfy.

Jeff – is 2nd Resolution needed?

Katherine Wolf – yes, since there has been a change. Board should approve this as amended.

Resolution to accept Anderson 2009-5 Site Plan incorporating the recommendation of the Oswego County Planning Board to define parking places as illustrated on a revised Site Plan dated January 18, 2010 – Lee Phillips
2nd – Francis Dellamano. Carried
Vote – Jeff Boyer, yes
Francis Dellamano, yes
Lee Phillips, yes
Barry Pritchard, yes
Judy Watson, yes
Dr. Tesoriero, yes

Corrected Resolution – Planning Board approves the application for Site Plan Review 2009-5 incorporating the recommendation by the Oswego County Planning Board to define parking places dated January 18, 2010 – Lee Phillips
2nd – Judy Watson.
Vote – Jeff Boyer, yes
Francis Dellamano, yes
Lee Phillips, yes
Barry Pritchard, yes
Dr. Tesoriero, yes
Judy Watson, yes

First Motion Rescinded

Francis Dellamano – future applicants with Special Permits, either a renter or a rentee, both sign application.

Kathy Wolf – applicant is the business owner but generally, the owner will either attend or submit something saying I consent to this being a use of my property, both attending covers the situation.

Discussion between Katherine Wolf, Judy Watson and Secretary regarding a typo on the 2009-5 Tammy Anderson application to the County.

Jeff – Todd Streeter (not on the agenda) is looking to open a gravel pit in the Town. Looking for some direction.

Fran Dellamano – where zoned?

Jeff – property in a rural transition area.

Fran Dellamano – would need to apply for a zoning change, must be zoned Agriculture and Industrial. Recommends he apply for an Agriculture District with the County.

Jeff – suggests that he get it zoned Agriculture and come back to the Planning Board with a Special Use Permit application and Site Plan. Do we want to be the lead agency?

Todd Streeter – geologist told him towns usually sign off, and then DEC does long SEQR form. Was told by Wayne Newton (CEO)

Jeff – usually it is the agency who is most impacted by the change. It might be the DEC or the County. Town should sign the no lead agency form.

Katherine Wolf – DEC has specialized knowledge, more helpful if they do it for us.

Jeff – to summarize this, best approach apply through the State for Agriculture, once he has that then application for Site Plan with Special Permit on it, at that time we can transfer lead agency to DEC. That whole process starts the SEQR process and once the SEQR is done you’ll be back for the Public Hearing, then its 60 days after that.

Katherine Wolf – Town Board has to finally approve Zoning change. Application for zone change then we would recommend to the Town Board and the Town Board votes on it. Problem is it is a spot zone issue. Better approach is as Mr. Dellamano has suggested as more likely to be more readily approved.

Public Comment - none

Open Board Discussion

Jeff – United Group is still planning to present revised Site Plan. Current zoning law does not allow apartment use in R-3 Districts.

Judy Watson – this was inadvertently left out of the new zoning regulations. Revision has been made gone on to either the County or the State. Kevin has presented the revision.

There should be a Public Hearing at the next Town Board meeting for the Revision and the Zoning.

Jeff – Bertsch Wind Turbine application has an issue with bonding. Cannot find a bonding agency to support long term, economically feasible bond. Consultant has an alternative solution. Steve Greene was looking for another source for that bond. 2nd – consultant has a guarantee to provide some sort of funding if the wind mill is ever abandoned.

Fran Dellamano – training sessions recommended no bonding. Went to meeting with County, speaker recommended no bonding. Recommending to the Town Board that they amend law in regards to bonding. Should try to promote alternative energy sources.

Judy Watson – Town needed something to start with. Also agrees with no bonding.

Judy Watson- when we were challenged to come up with something technology was changing so rapidly that the Town wanted something to start with as a regulation and it’s changing so quickly that at that point that was the recommendation and I agree with what Fran is saying, now two years down the road we know more about it and if this is the recommendation not to bond I would agree whole heartedly not to bond. We need to encourage people to use an alternate form of power.

Motion to send letter to the Town Board to ask them to amend the Local Law 2-2008, “Wind Energy Conversion Systems,” to remove the requirement for bonding regarding the Wind Energy Conversion Systems – Francis Dellamano
2nd – Barry Pritchard.
All in favor.

Motion for Secretary to cast one vote for Jeff Boyer to continue as Chairman of the Planning Board – Judy Watson.
2nd – Barry Pritchard.
All in favor.

Barry – Mining, Gravel Bed forever; new zoning regulations does not address it. One example in Town of an Industrial District is the Tank Farm.

Judy Watson – no zoning in 70’s. At that point you could do whatever you wanted to do with no variance. Regulations should be a working document.

Dr. Tesoriero – Town should be amenable to spot zoning.

Barry – that was the intention of rural transition to let it be rezoned in the future.

Jeff – conflict for next meeting. Would like meeting moved to Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

Secretary will check with Theresa Cooper as to availability of the room and will notify Greg Herrmann to put it on the website.

Motion to adjourn – Judy Watson
2nd – Barry Pritchard.
All in favor. Meeting adjourned 8:15PM

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
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