July 19, 2010
Planning Board Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chair: Jeffrey Boyer
Town Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips,
Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Judy Sabin-Watson, Vacant
Attorney To The Board: Stephen Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Meeting called to order at 7:01PM by Chairman, Jeff Boyer

Present – Jeff Boyer, Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Judy Watson and Steve Greene, Jr.

Absent – none

Chairman Boyer presented the Agenda.

Motion to accept the meeting minutes of June 21, 2010 by Barry Pritchard.
2nd – Lee Phillips. Carried.

Old Business – none

New Business – Public Hearing for 2010-3 Healing Health Integrative Spa, 20 Cemetery Rd., Oswego, NY (Amber Gilbo)

Amber explained the details of her application to open a Healing Health Spa in order to expand her present business located in the City of Oswego. Her plan is to incorporate exercise, tai chi, facials, nails, massage therapy, etc. She is not planning to change the present structure. Parking areas have been designated on her Plan. Present sign will be replaced perpendicular to the road. Parking lot will be better designed with designated handicap accessibility.

Judy Watson asked where her spaces would be on the diagram.

Amber explained and they will be defined on paper.

Barry Pritchard stated that the sign must be placed 25’ from the center of the road.

Judy questioned how many employees and would 2 handicapped parking place sufficient.

Amber 5-6 independent employees with 1 receptionist.

Jeff Boyer stated she would have more than enough handicapped accessible parking spaces.

Jeff questioned the condition of the septic system.

Amber stated septic system was sufficient. Built in 2001 with limited use.

Judy questioned residency.

Amber stated it would not be a residence.

Jeff – Pubic Hearing opened. 7:10PM

No public discussion

Public Hearing closed.

Jeff stated submission of revised Site Plan, map showing ingress, egress, additional parking spaces, correct sign placement and size, any changes in signage, stand off distance, picture of sign and SEQR (attached), will be copied to Oswego County Planning.

Jeff submitted; modified Site Plan, modified parking spaces, change orientation of signage, size of sign and lighting of sign.

Francis Dellamano asked if it meets the lot size requirement.

Kim Steele (attorney) stated the parcel is 7 acres. A sign application has been submitted.

Francis Dellamano read restrictions concerning illumination of signage.

Richard Tesoriero stated he would not want to see restriction on illumination.
Motion by Richard Tesoriero to accept plan as modified contingent on 239 Review and Variance in R-4 District.

2nd – Judy Watson

Jeff Boyer – yes
Francis Dellamano – yes
Richard Tesoriero – yes
Lee Phillips – yes
Barry Pritchard – yes
Judy Watson – yes

Open Board Discussion

Jeff read letter from Wayne Newton regarding subdivisions, subdividing with less than 4 acres, etc. People coming in to Town should know the rules, leave it alone. Becomes Zoning issue. Jeff will respond to letter from Wayne (CEO).

Motion to adjourn by Lee Phillips – 8:00PM
2nd – Richard Tesoriero. Carried

Respectfully submitted by,

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
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