Planning Board
Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
October 18, 2010
Chairman: Judy Sabin-Watson
Planning Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Richard Tesoriero, Michael Hagenmayer
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Call to Order: by Chairman Judy Sabin-Watson at 7:00pm. Introduced the Agenda.

Present - Richard Tesoriero, Judy Sabin-Watson, Barry Pritchard, Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Michael Hagenmayer, Atty. Steve Greene, Jr.
Public Present - Greg Herrmann

Approval of September 20, 2010 Minutes: Motion by L. Phillips to accept minutes as written; seconded by B. Pritchard. Carried.
J. Watson introduced and welcomed new Planning Board member, Michael Hagenmayer.

Old Business:
Went to training class this month, completed requirement. Very informative.
B. Pritchard stated that John Oxford has fixed his property, and does not want to involve the Board any more, or spend more time and money on it. Null and void.

New Business:
J. Watson presented letter from Joseph Wallen of 2134 County Route 7 - complaint about house adjacent to him at 2138 County Route 7 owned by Robert J. Weber Jr. Unofficial junk yard, no proper septic system. Does not come under Planning Board jurisdiction – has been passed on to Code Enforcement Officer.

Public Comment: None

Open Board Discussion:
Comment about continual building that is going on at Grace & Glory. G. Herrmann said it is affiliated with Alliance Church, and is at or near completion. Used as teen center, etc. Fran Dellamano said sign in front means they should have had site plan review. Has Code Enforcement looked at it? N. Ruttan said there were two complaints concerning people on site in camouflage shooting guns on site. B. Pritchard said they cannot be stopped from doing anything because it is religious status. G. Herrmann said there is a site manager and people are living there. B. Pritchard said Board cannot deny them, but they should come to Board for the sign they put up. F. Dellamano said also for parking, ingress/egress. Judy Watson said she will send Code Enforcement Officer the minutes of meeting and have him check into it.

B. Pritchard said there was a question about who the Town of Oswego had for insurance, but because we do not have NYMIR we cannot use their web site.

Motion to adjourn made by L. Phillips; seconded by R. Tesoriero. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:16pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
Teresa M. Botting, Interim Secretary
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