Planning Board
Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
February 21, 2011
Chairman: Judy Sabin-Watson
Planning Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Barry Pritchard, Lee Phillips,
Richard Tesoriero, Michael Hagenmayer, Gary Richardson
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Meeting called to order by Chairwoman Judy Watson at 7:03PM

Members present – Judy Watson, Lee Phillips, Dr. Richard Tesoriero, Barry Pritchard, Francis Dellamano, Kevin Caraccioli, Attny.

Members absent – Gary Richardson, Michael Hagenmayer, Attny. Steve Greene, Jr.

Karen Schlederer, representing United Group, John Candido, representing Barton and Loguidice
Several people present in the audience.

Motion to accept the Meeting Minutes of January 17, 2011 as amended by Francis Dellamano.
2nd – Lee Phillips. Carried

Old Business – none

New Business

Chr. Judy Watson opened the Public Hearing regarding United Group.

Kevin stated the project has been in front of the Board for a couple of years. United Group has filed a Resubmission of the project that was approved by the Planning Board last Spring with no changes. Resubmission due to a pending litigation. Applicant chose to resubmit application to Planning Board.

Planning Board has declared itself as “Lead Agency” under SEQR, identifying project as a Type 1 Action.

Planning Board set this date, time for Public Hearing. Notification has been sent to neighbors within 2000’.

Karen Schlederer (UG) stated the submission was the same Site Plan from June, 2010.

Several members of the audience participated in a general discussion of questions and answers to the Board, United Group and Attny. Caraccioli. (Audio recorded by Planning Board Secretary).

Public Hearing closed at 8:55PM by Chr. Judy Watson.

Public Hearing opened at 8:57PM by Chr. Judy Watson regarding the Site Plan application from Jackie Waters to construct a new Hair Salon at 2560 County Route 7, Oswego.

Fran D asked if applicant had been before the ZBA.

Kevin stated yes, Variance approved by ZBA subject to this Site Plan approval.

Fran D asked there were any recommendations from the ZBA. Also, is this a separate lot and who is next to you.

Judy asked if this would be a separate building.

Jackie Waters stated it is an empty lot next to their property (owned by them). Neighbors adjoining them are Messiano and Singleton, will be a new structure.

Noted that all neighbors have been notified by either mail or in person. No one present in the audience either for or against project.

Motion by Dr. Tesoriero to approve the Site Plan as submitted.
2nd – Francis Dellamano. Carried

Judy asked if she had any plans of having more than 1 employee.

Jackie stated there was a chance of having another employee. Changed and initialed application to “yes.” (Copy attached)

Barry asked if the sign was approved.

Kevin stated size of sign was considered by the ZBA and approved.

Fran D stated that a 5’ x 4’ is too big.

Jackie Waters stated they are looking at other signage.

Kevin stated that the maximum area for signage is 16 sq. ft.

Motion to approve Sign Permit as presented by Francis Dellamano.
2nd – Dr. Richard Tesoriero.

Public Hearing closed at 9:07PM by Chr. Judy Watson

Attny Kim Steele representing a seller of property on Bunker Hill Rd. Client wants to sell 43 acres with a 1 acre holdback.

Judy stated there could be a problem with road frontage on the 1 acre. Is there a minimum road frontage?

Kim stated not part of sale.

Fran asked about zone.

Barry stated it is in R-4 District.

Kevin stated that according to the Zoning Regulations for frontage, it appears to be in compliance. Regulations do not specify a required measurement.

Motion by Dr. Richard Tesoriero to authorize sale of property. Town Attorney stated the sale of property does not fail to meet Zoning Regulations.
2nd – Francis Dellamano. Carried

Kevin stated the Board needed to amend the SEQR Resolution, from last months meeting, to include the Army Corps of Engineers.

Motion by Barry Pritchard to amend the SEQR Resolution of January 17, 2011 to include the Army Corps of Engineers.
2nd – Dr. Tesoriero. Carried

Motion to adjourn at approximately 9:30PM by Dr. Tesoriero.
No 2nd. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
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