Planning Board

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
November 21, 2011

Chairman: Judy Sabin-Watson
Planning Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Richard Kaulfuss, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Richard Tesoriero
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.

Meeting called to order by Chair Judy Sabin-Watson at 7:00pm.

Members present – Judy Sabin-Watson, Francis Dellamano, Barry Pritchard, Lee Phillips, Gary Richardson, Richard Tesoriero, Richard Kaulfuss, Atty. Stephen Greene, Jr.

Others present – Greg Herrmann, William Joyce

Motion made by F. Dellamano to approve meeting minutes of October 17, 2011; seconded by B. Pritchard. Carried.

Old Business:

United Group: Article 78 filed. Sent on to Attorney.

New Business:

Jeff Carson matter: Atty. Greene gave brief background of history of lawsuit. In future, may want to build cost into application fee to provide for the hiring of steno to have minutes typed out verbatim on case-by-case basis - would need resolution by Town Board. Discussion ensued about how old the original subdivision plans are (1963). New Subdivision Regulations were completed in 1980's. Understand Carson had a year to complete in order to be "grandfathered in" - never was done. All test/flow rates at Sleepy Hollow are in accordance with DEC.

Public Comment: None.

Open Board Discussion:

Congratulations to R. Tesoriero on election to Oswego Town Board.

F. Dellamano requested minutes and agendas be mailed out one week before Planning Board meetings. Board members will bring this information to the next meeting.

R. Tesoriero made motion to adjourn; G. Richardson seconded. Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:16pm.

Submitted by
Teresa M. Botting,
Interim Secretary

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