Planning Board

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
January 16, 2012

Chairman: Judy Sabin-Watson
Planning Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Richard Kaulfuss, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Richard Tesoriero
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.

Secretary: Teresa Botting

Meeting called to order by Vice-Chair Francis Dellamano at 7:10pm.

Members present: Fran Dellamano, Barry Pritchard, Noreen Ruttan, Lee Phillips, Atty. Stephen Greene, Jr.

Excused: Judy Sabin-Watson, Richard Kaulfuss, Gary Richardson

Others present – Greg Herrmann, Wayne Newton

Old Business: None.

New Business:

W. Newton approached Board to review subdivision requirements. Discussed road frontage issues, splitting off parcels to relatives, lot size, square footage, and obligation to meet zoning requirements. F. Dellamano asked if there were any zoning problems that should be brought to their attention? W. Newton replied that there were none, that it was running smooth.

Public Comment: None.

Open Board Discussion: None.

Approval of 12-19-11 Minutes: B. Pritchard asked that minutes be corrected under New Business (Barbara Constanza) as follows: B. Pritchard suggested that surveyor should know what requirements are needed to meet zoning. Motion made by L. Phillips to approve; seconded by B. Pritchard. Carried.

L. Phillips made motion to adjourn; B. Pritchard seconded. Carried.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Teresa M. Botting

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