Planning Board

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
October 21, 2013

Chairman: Judy Sabin-Watson
Planning Board Members: Francis Dellamano, Richard Kaulfuss, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.

Secretary: Teresa Botting

Meeting called to order by Chair Judy Sabin-Watson at 7:00pm.

Attorney Stephen Greene, Jr., Judy Sabin-Watson, Barry Pritchard, Noreen Ruttan, Gary Richardson, Lee Phillips, Richard Kaulfuss

Excused: Francis Dellamano

Attendance-Other: Attorney Michael Cianfarano, Colin Isca, Amy Isca, Greg Herrmann

Approval of September 16, 2013 Minutes: L. Phillips made motion to approve minutes;
G. Richardson seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Old Business:
Cantu, 7089 State Route 104, Oswego – J. Sabin-Watson asked if everyone has reviewed the application and updated materials submitted a few months ago, and asked if there were any more questions. Mr. Cantu applied before ZBA also. State DOT and site plan map are in order. Everything seems to be in place after the ZBA meeting. G. Richardson made motion to approve site plan and special use permit; N. Ruttan seconded. All ayes. Carried.
Isca, 7239 State Route 104, Oswego – J. Sabin-Watson stated that Planning Board was waiting on ZBA action, which has been approved now. N. Ruttan made motion to accept site plan; L. Phillips seconded. All ayes. Carried. B. Pritchard asked about sign? Motion made by L. Phillips to accept as stipulated by ZBA Board; B. Pritcharrd seconded. All ayes. Carried.
Murphy, Fred Haynes Blvd., Oswego – Discussed incorrect name on last year's resolution. R. Kaulfuss made motion to modify Resolution 2012-1 to correct name to Fruit Valley Properties LLC; B. Pritchard seconded. All ayes. Carried.

New Business:
Sunset RV Park - Bob Dexter presented a preliminary sketch plan for his RV park on Washington Blvd. He has seen the Code Enforcement Officer and was told he does not need a variance, only a site plan review. Will return to Planning Board with all the information needed possibly in December.

Public Comment: None.

Open Board Discussion: None.

L. Phillips made motion to adjourn; R. Kaulfuss seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24pm.

~ Respectfully Submitted,

Teresa M. Botting, Secretary

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