Planning Board/Zoning Board of Appeals

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
August 18, 2014

Chair: Richard Kaulfuss
Vice-Chair: Francis Dellamano
Members: Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan, Judy Sabin-Watson
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Teresa Botting

Town of Oswego
Zoning Board of Appeal Minutes
August 18, 2014

Vice-Chair: Robert Baker
Zoning Board Members: Tim Anderson, Robert Dexter, Debra Shoenfelt-Jaskula
Attorney to the Board: Kevin Caraccioli
Secretary: Teresa Botting

Meeting Minutes
Combined Meeting of Planning Board (PB) and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)
August 18, 2014

PB meeting called to order by PB Chairman Richard Kaulfuss at 7:00pm.

Planning Board Attendance:
Attorney Stephen Greene, Jr., Richard Kaulfuss, Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Judy Sabin-Watson
Excused: Noreen Ruttan
Others: Pat Jones, Patricia Jones, Rev. Daniel Oostdyk, Dan Enwright Sr.

Zoning Board of Appeals Attendance:
Attorney Kevin Caraccioli, Vice-Chair Robert Baker, Timothy Anderson, Robert Dexter, Debra Shoenfelt-Jaskula

Approval of April 21, 2014 PB Minutes: B. Pritchard made motion to accept minutes; L. Phillips seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Public Hearing #1 7:05pm Patricia Jones, 380 Cemetery Road, Site Plan Review for purpose of Special Permit:
F. Dellamano asked what property is zoned at? R-3. G. Richardson asked if property was used for horses before? Yes; there are 14 stalls – previous owner stabled horses. However Joneses have been there 27 years – not used as stables, but structurally, nothing changed. Property on market and want to be sure that private stabling of horses is allowed if there is an interested buyer. F. Dellamano asked why approval should be given if buyer is unknown at this point? Need limits so cannot be used for grandstanding, racing, etc. Atty. Greene said special permits stay with the property. R. Kaulfuss asked if all signatures were gathered? Yes; no objections. Closed Public Hearing at 7:30pm. Atty. K. Caraccioli said that Code Enforcement Officer indicated that a use variance was needed. D. Jaskula made motion to overrule CEO decision for homeowner to apply for use variance; T. Anderson seconded. All ayes. Carried. B. Pritchard made motion for special use permit for stabling horses; G. Richardson seconded. All ayes. Carried.

ZBA meeting called to order by ZBA Vice-Chairman Robert Baker at 7:35pm.

Zoning Board of Appeals Attendance: Atty. Kevin Caraccioli, Vice-Chair Robert Baker, Timothy Anderson, Robert Dexter, Debra Shoenfelt-Jaskula.

Acceptance of ZBA Agenda

Approval of January 16, 2014 ZBA Organizational Minutes: D. Jaskula made motion to approve; R. Dexter seconded. All ayes. Carried.

ZBA New Business: Public Hearing: Use Variance: Patricia Jones, 380 Cemetery Road
After discussion by both Boards, ZBA deferred to Planning Board.

ZBA Old Business: None

ZBA Open Board Discussion:
R. Baker stated that the Board would like to recognize the terrific job that Greg Auleta did for the Town of Oswego. He will be missed greatly.

K. Caraccioli explained to D. Enwright what he needs for paperwork for Use Variance and also for Site Plan Review of potential Bed & Breakfast.

T. Anderson made motion to adjourn ZBA meeting; D. Jaskula seconded. ZBA meeting adjourned 7:47pm.

Public Hearing #2 7:49pm Grace & Glory, Rt. 104, Site Plan Review:
R. Kaulfuss stated that Board received letter from Martin Weiss of Oswego County Planning recommending approval. Acknowledged neighbor letter also. Rev. Oostdyk submitted timeline of future projects. Because of the size of the project, Board will need specific, formalized engineering designs. R. Kaulfuss said that Board will also need SEQRA filled out. There is concern that ingress/egress is congested, and that turn radius for emergency vehicles is tight. Therefore, need preliminary plans for roadway, so future building on property does not interfere. R. Kaulfuss stated that Public Hearing will continue next month in anticipation of submitted SEQRA and formal engineering designs. Other issue to be looked at is animal rescue facility. R. Kaulfuss asked Rev. Oostdyk to bring in any and all certifications and permits that they have.

PB Old Business: None.

PB New Business: Daniel Enwright spoke briefly about the preliminary plans for a Bed and Breakfast at the house he is currently selling at 7390 State Route 104. No paperwork has been submitted yet. He was advised that he needs to see the Code Enforcement Officer and pick up paperwork from Town Clerk, then the process can begin.

PB Public Comment: None.

PB Open Board Discussion: None.

L. Phillips made motion to adjourn Planning Board meeting; G. Richardson seconded. All ayes. Carried.

PB Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm.

~ Respectfully Submitted,

Teresa M. Botting, Secretary

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