Planning Board

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
December 15, 2014

Chair: Richard Kaulfuss
Vice-Chair: Francis Dellamano
Members: Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan, Judy Sabin-Watson
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Teresa Botting

Meeting called to order by Chairman Richard Kaulfuss at 7:00pm.

Richard Kaulfuss, Barry Pritchard, Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Gary Richardson, Judy Sabin-Watson, Atty. Kevin Caraccioli
Excused: N. Ruttan, Atty. Stephen Greene, Jr.
Others Present: Richard Hogan, Tim DeSacia, Debra Hogan, Jeanne Pungello, Vicky Mullen, Charles Mullen, Greg Herrmann, Rob Osterhoudt, Tim Anderson.

Approval of November 17, 2014 Minutes: F. Dellamano made motion to accept minutes; B. Pritchard seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Old Business:
Grace and Glory Ministries, Route 104
R. Kaulfuss stated that Rev. Oostdyk dropped off information for Board today – he will be available in February to answer any questions.

Due to Terry Botting's resignation, we have been interviewing several candidates. Debra Hogan will be the new Planning Board secretary.

New Business:
Real Property Tax sent letter to Code Enforcement – new fees for subdivisions.

There is a copy of NYS Planning Federation's April invitation in your packets tonight.

Preliminary review of new Dollar General store – no decision will be made tonight.
R. Osterhoudt of Bohler Engineering, representing Primax Properties, showed engineering drawings and answered questions. Plan to subdivide portion of property on Route 104/Route 104A into a 1.65 acre parcel. Working with Department of Transportation on any issues. Will be single access off Route 104. G. Richardson asked why Rt. 104 vs Rt. 104A? DOT decided it was best. Parking lot will have 32 spaces, with additional parking available if needed. 6' stockade privacy fence will be put up. Stormwater concerns will be addressed per DEC regulations. Property will be landscaped. J. Sabin-Watson asked about lighting? Built-in, and down-shielded if needed. Parking lot will be lit. Trucks? No daily deliveries. Hours of operation? 6am-10pm Deliveries same. Employees? 3-4. R. Kaulfuss asked if they have something formal from DOT? Possibly at next meeting. Signs? Will do later. F. Dellamano stated that stormwater/DOT will be needed as part of packet. R. Kaulfuss stated that also the septic system will need to be approved by Public Health. F. Dellamano asked that landscape design be available at public hearing. R. Osterhoudt said not a problem - also mentioned that old structures on property will be coming down. R. Kaulfuss stated that sign must be placed on property announcing public hearing. Agricultural Data Statement needed. L. Phillips asked when they would like to start building? In spring. Board discussed which SEQR form needs to be filled out – Atty. Caraccioli suggests coordinated review with Planning Board as Lead Agency and short form SEQR. T. Anderson asked if they have purchased property yet? Contingent on approval. F. Dellamano made motion to assume Lead Agency status allowing counsel to send out information to start 30 day proceedings; G. Richardson seconded. All ayes. Carried. R. Kaulfuss set public hearing for next meeting on Monday, January 19, 2015 at 7pm.

Public Comment: None.

Open Board Discussion:
Board would like to operate this way on future projects – holding a preliminary review to look at information in packets before making determination.

L. Phillips made motion to adjourn meeting; B. Pritchard seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03pm.

~ Respectfully Submitted,

Teresa M. Botting, Secretary

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