Planning Board

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
November 10, 2014

Chair: Richard Kaulfuss
Vice-Chair: Francis Dellamano
Members: Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan, Judy Sabin-Watson
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Teresa Botting

Meeting called to order by Chairman Richard Kaulfuss at 5:30pm.

Francis Dellamano, Richard Kaulfuss, Lee Phillips, Atty. Stephen Greene Jr., Judy Sabin-Watson, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan, Barry Pritchard
Others: Rev. Daniel Oostdyk, Greg Herrmann, Richard Tesoriero, Wayne Newton

Old Business: Grace and Glory Ministries, Rt. 104
Chair R. Kaulfuss said the Planning Board is meeting tonight because of a concern for the 62-day approval window given after the close of the public hearing. Rev. D. Oostdyk presented a signed letter requesting an extension, giving the Board the time it needs to consider his application. Rev. Oostdyk presented plans for septic and building. R. Kaulfuss asked if Board could review at next meeting? Rev. Oostdyk agreed. R. Kaulfuss informed Rev. Oostdyk that he would need to send septic engineering plans to the County. When they are approved by the County, the Board will continue from there. Building plans will need to go to W. Newton after Planning Board approves. Plans for bleachers will go to W. Newton. After he approves, goes to County. G. Herrmann said that the Fire Department will need a design to accommodate radius of emergency trucks and their weight, and a letter from the engineer that he has reviewed concerns for roadway and all concerns are met. W. Newton said the Fire Department connector to house needs to be accessible. F. Dellamano asked about proposed 6 bedrooms? Should Health Department be involved? G. Herrman said the bedrooms are not part of the camp, therefore Health Department not involved. R. Kaulfuss said that at next meeting, Board will request what it wants from the County. F. Dellamano suggested that a "draft" copy of minutes be sent to Rev. Oostdyk.

Open Board Discussion: Windmills and solar panels.

L. Phillips made motion to adjourn meeting; G. Richardson seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 5:51pm.

~ Respectfully Submitted,

Teresa M. Botting, Secretary

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