Planning Board

Town of Oswego
Planning Board Minutes
January 19, 2015

Chair: Richard Kaulfuss
Vice-Chair: Francis Dellamano
Members: Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan, Judy Sabin-Watson
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Jr.
Secretary: Debra Hogan

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Richard Kaulfuss.

Board Attendance:
Richard Kaulfuss, Francis Dellamano, Lee Phillips, Barry Pritchard, Gary Richardson, Noreen Ruttan, Judy Sabin-Watson, Attorney Kevin Caraccioli

Attorney Stephen C. Greene, Jr.

Others Present:
Victoria Mullen, Greg Herrmann, Timothy DeSacia, Richard Tesoriero, Doug Malone

Approval of December 15, 2014 minutes:
Motion by Fran Dellamano to accept minutes as written; Noreen Ruttan seconded. All ayes. Carried.

Motion by Barry Pritchard to continue with Richard Kaulfuss as Chairman and Francis Dellamano as Vice-Chairman; seconded by Gary Richardson. All ayes. Carried.
All agreed to continue meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month.
All agreed that there would be no meeting if no business – at the discretion of the Chairman.

Old Business:
Tug Hill Conference information in packets. Members need 4 hours per year. Would like more training with County. Motion by Francis Dellamano to send request in writing to County for training. Topics to include requirements for submission to county and SEQR refresher. Seconded by Judy Sabin-Watson. All in favor.

Gary Richardson voiced concerns relating to solar panels. Dick stated there are no provisions for them and CEO therefore may have no reason to reject application for permit.
Gary feels this should be addressed as they can be eyesores. Fran suggested we could check with other towns to see how they deal with them. Dick suggested we add this to the county training list.

Public Hearing - Proposed Dollar General 7:10 p.m.
Dick opened the public hearing with an explanation of the guidelines that would be followed. Chris Boyea, representing Bohler Engineering gave a presentation of the proposed Dollar General store to be located at the intersection of St. Rt. 104 & St. Rt. 104A including aerial view map and rendered site plan. They will use 1.6 acres of the parcel, 9300 sq. ft. single story building, slab on grade, dry goods retail. Remove a small garage and 2 outbuildings. House and barn to remain. Proposed building will face the corner with all action in front of the store. Septic behind building in green space. 32 proposed parking spaces in front. Limiting curb cuts to 1 instead of 2 per DOT which will be located on St. Rt. 104. Wide drive aisles to accommodate tractor trailer deliveries. 6 foot stockade fence in rear. Will be grade changes. Investment will exceed $1,000,000. Will be well-kept with landscaping, a few trees to remain. Are 100% zoning compliant – no need to request variances. Code requires 62 parking spaces but not needed; however can accommodate 62 if required. Will keep banked parking area as green space. Remaining property will remain with current owner. Notifications mailed to neighbors within 500 feet and legal ads placed. Here to gather comments and feedback and make adjustments as necessary.

Specific questions:
Tom Loe – 104A entrance, traffic
Mike Asmolik – speed limit, right turn only
Debra Hopkins – delivery times
Diane Walsh – light pollution
Patty Blackwell – dislikes 104A entrance idea
Unidentified – why Oswego Town
Mike Blackwell – culvert, water runoff
Unidentified – economic feasibility study done

Public Comment:
Melissa Hellman, Ontario Heights – Cyclist concerned about increased traffic
Richard Carson, Rt. 104A – Concerned with property values, traffic pattern, drainage
Deborah Hopkins – Concerned with location, environmental concerns, property values
Tom Dunsmoor, 7757 St. Rt. 104 – Concerned with traffic problems, drainage, location
of entrance, using PILOT?
Mike Blackwell – opposed
Patty Blackwell – questioned zoning, resale values
Dick responded – zoning went into effect 11/2/2009, zoning map effective
12/5/2009. Public hearings were held.
Raeann Sharkey – questioned tax base, basing on zip code purchases
Dick responded – no PILOT application, no application for tax relief
Tom Dunsmoor – concerned with slow moving vehicles, Ag. District, depreciation
Tom Loe, West Lake Rd – concerned with aesthetics, location
Stan Gosek – concerned with economic benefits, aesthetics, services
John Dickquist, 830 Co Rt 20 – 100% opposed, eyesore, traffic, location
Laurie Oleyourryk – as resident concerned with traffic / as business owner concerned
with undercutting and future of remaining property
Tim Oleyourryk – opposed
Tom Dunsmoor – change zoning?
Dick responded – Tasked to look at each aspect: SEQR, environmental,
Mary Loe – concerned with process. Has town turned down in past? How conveyed
to public?
Dick's response – Yes. Tasked with following and enforcing rules. Look at
each aspect: SEQR, environmental, economical. Gather information,
address questions raised.
Kevin's response – Law requires notification of any decision made in public
domain. Process began last month. Will meet again in Feb.
Environmental impact determination includes economics, neighbors,
traffic, compatibility, and aesthetics. Planning Board is one component –
others are DOT, DEC, Oswego County. All are involved and weigh
John Dickquist – If all requirements met does Planning Board have authority to say no?
Kevin's response – Yes. Zoned in business district. Planning Board may approve
as submitted, approve with changes, or reject. Public comments taken into
consideration by other agencies.
Public Hearing recessed at 8:10 p.m.

Motion to adjourn for 5 minute recess by Judy Sabin-Watson, seconded by Noreen Ruttan. All ayes. Carried.

Meeting called back to order at 8:23 by Chairman Dick Kaulfuss and Public Hearing resumed. Presentation of written responses received from Dennis Ouelette and Richard Carson read.

Dick explained the anticipated formal response from the county has not yet been received. The county was in need of further information which has been requested and received. County has 30 days for review once information is received. No decision will be made tonight.

Public comment:
Tom Dunsmoor, Casey Raymond, June Ouelette – comments regarding parking, water
run-off, zoning, SEQR
Chris Boyea's respone to comments and concerns:
Speed limit – can approach DOT
Trucks – 2 tractor trailers per week, some other smaller trucks
Drainage – Monitored by DEC.
Traffic – Not a lot of increase (reason for request for less parking).
He added they are a Fortune 100. They are not a dollar store.
Services – low impact, using only 60 gallons water per day
Benefit – convenience, can purchase just about anything
Taxes – Project in excess of $1,000,000. Property tax plus sales tax
will stay in community
Will go back and look at entrance, parking, and drainage if needed. Will relay comments. Revisions based on tonight's comments.

8:50 Public Comment closed.

Motion by Fran Dellamano and seconded by Barry Pritchard to continue the Public Hearing at the next regularly scheduled Planning Board meeting.

Open Board Discussion:
Fran suggested looking at an alternative location on the property for the project - less impact if location was further down the road. Other topics included increase in traffic, speed limit, traffic studies, and accident report.

Kevin stated big issues are traffic and storm water prevention. If needed, state allows environmental engineers to look over – at a cost to either town or applicant.
Can get statistics – may need traffic impact study; wait to see what DOT says. Some recommendations may change. Waiting on feedback from state and county agencies.

Dick suggested we may want a work session to review and be sure all questions are answered. No action will be taken without information from county.

Boyea stated may have to table next month if information from DOT not available. Will give advance notice if so. Project slated for 2015.

Motion to adjourn by Lee Phillips at 9:15 p.m. Seconded by Noreen Ruttan. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Hogan
Secretary, Planning Board

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