Town Board

2018 Town Board
Sitting from Left to Right:
Councilors Victoria Mullen and Margaret Mahaney
Standing from Left to Right: ,Councilors Dr. Rick Tesoriero,Greg Herrman and Supervisor Richard E. Kaulfuss.
Town Board
Town Supervisor:
Richard E. Kaulfuss
Office: 343-2424
Cell: 591-3673
Greg Herrmann
Phone: 564-7213
Margaret Mahaney
Phone: 342-3329
Victoria Mullen
Richard Tesoriero
Phone: 564-7516
Town Clerk:
Nikki Fowler
Office: 343-2586
Attorney to the Town Board:
Kevin C. Caraccioli
The Oswego Town Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
2018 Town Board Minutes
January 2, 2018
Organizational Meeting
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(.pdf, 20 kb)

Attachement A - Appointments
(.pdf, 78 kb)

Attachement B - Salaries
(.pdf, 16 kb)

Attachement C - Pay Schedule
(.pdf, 25 kb)

Attachement D - Holidays
(.pdf, 70 kb)

Attachement E - Ethics
(.pdf, 82 kb)

Attachement F - Order
(.pdf, 8 kb)

Attachement G - Voucher Calendar
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Attachement H - Meetings
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