April 3, 2000
Town Board Agenda

Southwest Oswego Community Center

Supervisor: Jack Tyrie Jr.
Town Board Members: Margaret Mahaney, Victoria Mullen,
Richard Pratt, Barbara Tierney
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call
3. Town Clerk’s Report

a. Resolution # _____. Be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board approves the minutes as presented by the Town Clerk.
Moved by ___________. Seconded by _______________.

b. Resolution # _____. Be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board approves the audit of the bills and authorizes payment of same by the Supervisor.
Moved by _______. Seconded by _________.

4. Supervisor’s Report

A. Nunzi’s
B. Department Reports
C. Sleepy Hollow Roads
D. Cemetery Hiring
E. Recreation Program
F. Proposed Local Law 1-2000.

5. Public Comment
6. Unfinished Business
7. New Business
8. Presentation of Proposed Local Law 1-2000

Whereas the Oswego Town Board seeks to ensure the Town Land Use Ordinance and Sub Division Regulations are enforced fairly and efficiently, and Whereas regular meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board are necessary if such enforcement is to occur, and Whereas members of both such Boards have expressed concerns relating to the ability of the Boards to meet Quorum Requirements, therefore Be it Enacted that the Town Land Use Ordinance shall be amended as follows:

Add to Article V Section F. Supplementar: the following:

a. Members shall be expected to be regular in their attendance at Planning Board Meetings. Failure to attend four (4) regularly scheduled meetings during a twelve (12) month period may result in removal from membership. Removal shall occur only following a public hearing before, and a vote of, the Town Board. Such hearing shall be held not sooner than ten (10) days, but not more than thirty (30) days after a formal charge has been filed with the Town Clerk. Such charge may be filed by any Town Resident. Presented by Supervisor Tyrie.

Presentation of Proposed Local Law 2-2000

Add to Article V Section F. Supplementar: at the conclusion of Paragraph a. the following:

b.The Planning Board shall consist of five (5) members. Presented by Supervisor Tyrie.

A. Resolution # _____. Be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board
Move $50.25 from Line A1990.4 (Contingency) to Line A9050.8 (Unemployment Insurance).
Moved by ________. Seconded by ___________.

B. Resolution # _____. Be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board approves the payment of costs in the amount of $540.00 for additional work performed on the Lake Ridge Road project.
Moved by ___________. Seconded by ____________.

C. Resolution # _____. Whereas the Sterling Nature Center is a valuable resource to the people of our neighboring Town of Sterling and to the people of the Town of Oswego, and whereas the Friends of the Sterling Nature Center wish to preserve local flora, therefore be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board authorizes Professor Donald Cox to supervise the transplantation of a minimal number of plants from the area formerly known as the Oswego Town Park to the Sterling Nature Center.
Moved by ________. Seconded by _______________.

D. Resolution # _____. Be it resolved To establish a "Harassment/Sexual Harassment Policy" for all Town employees including its Officers, Committee members, Board Members and in meeting the mandatory guide lines of governmental laws. To have such policy posted through out Oswego Town, first at each of it's departments and second, publicly in all it's buildings.
Moved by Councilman Pratt. Seconded by _______________.

Oswego Town Harassment/Sexual Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy
Policy statement: It is the policy of Oswego Town to treat all employees With fairness, respect and dignity. The Town will not tolerate harassment or Discrimination of any kind in the work place.

Definition of Harassment: A person is guilty of harassment with the intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person when;

He or she strikes, shoves, kicks or otherwise subjects such other person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same; or
He or she follows a person in or about a public place or places; or
He or she engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which alarm or seriously annoy such other person and which serve no legitimate purpose.

Sexual Harassment Policy:
Policy statement-While all forms of harassment are prohibited, the Town. Of Oswego explicitly prohibits the sexual harassment of employees, officials, committee members, or board members.

Definition of Sexual Harassment: For purposes of this policy, sexual Harassment will mean unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual Favors, and/or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when any Or all of the following exist:

Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term Or condition of an individual's employment and or,
When submission to, or rejection of. such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting that individual, and or,
Such conduct has the purpose or effect of interpreting unreasonably with an individual's work performance, or is creating an intimidating, hostile, or an offensive working environment.

Notification of Policy Violations:-An employee, officer, committee member, or board member should immediately report any kind of harassment or discrimination in the workplace to the employee's Department Head. In the event an employee is unable to discuss this matter with the Department Head. the complaint should be reported to the Town Supervisor or Town Attorney. If you feel that you cannot report the conduct internally, you should contact the proper authorities (i. e. Federal Government's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. Commission). All complaints of discrimination will be investigated discreetly and promptly. Any employee who reports harassment or discrimination in the workplace will not suffer adverse employment consequences as a result of making the complaint. Confidentially, while investigating allegations, will be maintained whenever possible.

Disciplinary Action: An employee, officer, committee member, or board member who, after investigation, is found to have violated this Fair Treatment Policy or this Sexual Harassment Policy' is subject to appropriate action up to and including discharge.

E. Resolution # _____. Whereas there is a large discrepancy between the assessed value of the “Nunzi” property and the value placed on the property by the most recent appraisal, Therefore Be it Resolved that the Oswego Town Board authorizes the Supervisor to obtain an appraisal from a third source.
Moved by _____________. Seconded by ___________.

F. Resolution # _____. Be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board modifies the 2000 Budgets as follows: Move $12,290.00 from _______ to DA________. Moved by ________________. Seconded by _____________.

G. Resolution # _____. Whereas studies have demonstrated that adolescent girls who become mothers face financial hardship, and decreased educational opportunities, and whereas the Oswego Town Board wishes to encourage efforts to prevent the problems associated with adolescent pregnancy, Therefore be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board declares May 2000 to be Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.
Moved by Supervisor Tyrie. Seconded by _____________.

H. Resolution # _____. Whereas the Town Land Use Ordinance was passed in 1974, (revised in 1981), and Whereas there are features of the law which, as demonstrated by legal action against the Town and changes in New York State Laws and Regulations, are in need of review, Therefore Be it Resolved that the Oswego Town Board authorizes the Zoning Board of Appeals to evaluate the Land Use Ordinance. Be it Further Resolved that the ZBA is hereby authorized to recommend changes in the Land Use Ordinance, such alterations to include the format, clarity, consistency, and enforcement of said Law, but shall not be limited to said topics.

Be it Further Resolved that the Oswego Town Board hereby authorizes the Planning Board, upon adoption of a Town Comprehensive Plan, to engage in a review of the Land Use Ordinance, and to make recommendations for amendments intended to bring such Ordinance into compliance with said Plan. Moved by ___________. Seconded by _________.

I. Resolution # _____. Be it Resolved that the Oswego Town Board accepts the Agreement to Spend Highway Funds as submitted by the Highway Superintendent.
Moved by __________. Seconded by ________.

8. Public Comment
9. Adjournment
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