March 15, 2000 Special Meeting
Town Board Agenda

Southwest Oswego Community Center

Supervisor: Jack Tyrie Jr.
Town Board Members: Margaret Mahaney, Victoria Mullen,
Richard Pratt, Barbara Tierney
1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call
3. Public Comment

4. Resolution # _____
Be it resolved that the Oswego Town Board authorizes the following modifications to the 2000 General Budget:

Move $3,090.00 from A1450.1 (Elections=Personal Services) to A1450.4 (Elections-Contractual).
Move $610.80 from A1990.4 (Contingency) to A4540.4 (AmbulanceContractual). Moved by _____ Seconded by _____

5. Resolution # _____Be it resolved that The Town of Oswego shall hold a special election on Tuesday, May 23, 2000 for the purpose of a public referendum on Proposition 1-2000. Said proposition shall be placed upon the ballot as follows:

"Shall the Oswego Town Board expend the sum of $375,000.00 to effect the purchase of the property commonly known as "Nunzi's", tax map no. 144.19-01-01.000 for the purpose of establishing a town park?"

Be it further resolved that Voters shall cast a vote of"Yes" to approve the proposition and a vote of"No" to disapprove the proposition.

Be it further resolved that the official roll of registered voters shall be the rolls of the Oswego County Board of Elections for the Town of Oswego as they stand on April 24, 2000.

Be it further resolved that the polling places shall be as follows:

1 Hall Newman Center
2 Fire Barn
3 Community Center
4 Hewitt Union

Be it further resolved that the hours of voting shall be from noon until 9:00 pm. Moved by Seconded by

6. Adjournment
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