December 31, 2007
Town Board Minutes

Oswego Town Hall

Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen
Town Board Members: Tim DeSacia, Greg Herrmann,
Margaret Mahaney, Carol Pritchard
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Sr.
A meeting of the Oswego Town Board was held on December 31, 2007 at town hall.

Supervisor Mullen opened the meeting at 4:05 PM with the following members present.
Victoria Mullen
Tim DeSacia
Greg Herrmann
Margaret Mahaney
Carol Pritchard
Resolution 2007- 122 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board resumes the recessed meeting of December 27, 2007.
Motion by Councilor Mahaney, second Supervisor Mullen all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2007- 123
Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board adds an item to the agenda.
Motion by Supervisor Mullen, second Councilor Pritchard all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2007- 124
Whereas, the Town of Oswego recognizes the value to its employees of allocated sick leave; and
Whereas, the change of an employment position within the Town of Oswego may necessitate the termination of such unused sick leave; and
Whereas, this board hereby determines that the deprivation of such value to an employee may be an unjust and unintended effect of an employment position change which will benefit the Town of Oswego,
Now, Therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Oswego, New York, does hereby authorize the Supervisor’s payment to an employee for unused sick leave accrued in accord with policies and practices of the Town of Oswego when such employee is about to, and does in fact, change employment positions within the employment of the Town of Oswego, New York, to a position where such accrued sick leave would be lost.
Moved by Councilor Pritchard, second Councilor DeSacia all ayes motion carried.

Motion by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Pritchard to adjourn the meeting at 4:15 PM all ayes motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa A. Cooper, CMC
Oswego Town Clerk
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