December 8, 2008
Town Board Minutes

Oswego Town Hall

Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen
Town Board Members: Tim DeSacia, Greg Herrmann,
Margaret Mahaney, Daniel Shaver
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Sr.
A meeting of the Oswego Town Board was held on December 8, 2008 at town hall.
Supervisor Mullen opened the meeting at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call was taken with the following members present:
Attorney to the board
Victoria Mullen
Tim DeSacia
Greg Herrmann
Margaret Mahaney
Dan Shaver
Stephen C. Greene
Town Clerk's Report: The November fees paid to the supervisor were $1875.17 plus .40 due from an error in the September fee payment. Total for the month of November was $3665.25.

Supervisor's Report: Winter came early this year and our Highway Department was ready! I am thankful for the dedication and vigilance of our Highway department keeping our roads clear and safe for travel.

The town will hold a Sounds of the Season concert, here at town hall on Thursday December 18th. At 7:30 pm. Town Resident Mrs. Carol Fox will direct the Fulton Community Band; this is the same band that played at the towns Ice Cream Social a few years back and was so popular it was decided to have them back again. Refreshments will be served, and you are all invited to attend an evening of Holiday Music. Tell your friends. It should be a great evening.

I will be meeting with the county and several Supervisors, legislators and Assessors Wednesday. The county has received a grant to do a study on Property Assessments.

Since the town has gone though a re-val recently, I would like to bring questions and some concerns relating to the assessment process. Also, I have a meeting with the county Treasurer on Tax collection on Thursday; I will have a report for the board after these meetings.

We sold two cemetery lots in November and had two burials. The new roof and addition to the cemetery building is nearing completion, we obtained a grant from Senator Aubertine for this project and the town is thankful for his assistance.

Our code enforcement officer issued 11 building permits and made 18 inspections in October and November.

Our Dog Control officer investigated 9 complaints in November and issued one summons.

We are getting ready to close out our finical year and will file our year end reports with the State Comptroller.

The Town Hall will be closed on the 25th for the Christmas Holiday, I wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Resolution 2008-102 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the minutes from the November 3, 2008 and November 19, 2008 town board meetings.
Moved by Councilor DeSacia, second Councilor Herrmann all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-103 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the bills on abstract 12 as follows:
General Fund
Highway Fund
Franklin/Baylis Lighting
Edgebrook Lighting
Sleepy Hollow Sewer District
Ontario Heights Sewer District
Consolidated Water District
$ 212.60
$ 126.90
$ 1,581.28
$ 202.74
v 354-387
v 195-211
v 74, v 81
v 75, v 81
v 76,78-80
v 77
v 80
Moved by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-104 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board authorizes the supervisor to make the necessary year-end budget modifications to close the 2008 accounts and send the report to the State Comptroller.
Moved by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver, all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-105 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board establishes the Oswego Town Tax Collector’s change drawer in the amount of $250.00.
Moved by Supervisor Mullen, second Councilor DeSacia, all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-105 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board will hold the final town board meeting of the year on Monday, December 29, 2008 at 4:30 PM.
Moved by Councilor Herrmann, second Councilor Shaver, all ayes motion carried.

Motion by Councilor Mahaney, second by Councilor Shaver to close the meeting at 7:08 PM. all ayes motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa A. Cooper, CMC/RMC
Oswego Town Clerk
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