July 14, 2008
Town Board Minutes

Oswego Town Hall

Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen
Town Board Members: Tim DeSacia, Greg Herrmann,
Margaret Mahaney, Daniel Shaver
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Sr.
The meeting of the Oswego Town Board was held on July 14, 2008 at 7:00 PM. Supervisor Mullen opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call was taken with the following members present:
Attorney to the board
Victoria Mullen
Tim DeSacia
Greg Herrmann
Margaret Mahaney
Dan Shaver
Stephen C. Greene
Town Clerk's Report: The total fees for the town clerk account paid to the supervisor for June was $2249.72 total for the month $2794.43. I will be attending Cornell Municipal Clerk’s school from Sunday to Thursday of next week; my deputy will be in the office filling in for me. The zoning and planning committee is moving along nicely and we are looking into wind power guidelines.

Supervisor's Report: I have received word that the town has received a 20 thousand dollar grant for improvement and expansion of the existing cemetery building/office. New roof and expansion of the office will be completed with the grant. The town thanks Senator Aubertine for helping with this expense to upgrade the facility.

The county is holding their Municipal Surplus Equipment auction on Saturday August 23rd at the County Highway Garage. I will ask Mr. Wilcox if the town has any old equipment that should be added to the auction.

The County Department of Solid Waste now collects electronic equipment at the Solid Waste Transfer Stations for recycling. Computers, Monitors, Fax Machines, Microwaves, Printers, Cell Phones, and Televisions Audio/Visual Equipment etc;

These items will no longer be accepted as trash.

Twelve Building permits were issued and our Code Enforcement Officer made 9 inspections in June.

There were no cemetery lot sales in June.

Our Dog Control Officer had 8 complaints in June.

We’ve had many barking dog complaints in the last several months. We all know that dogs do bark, however we should all remember to be good neighbors and be mindful of this nuisance.

The Historical Society recently held two very successful events here at town hall. We congratulate Mrs. Mahaney, and Mrs. Cooper along with all the members of our Historical Society who work very hard to promote Town of Oswego history, and keep it alive. I ‘d like to also thank Mrs. Barbara Czerow for her efforts as Chairwomen of the Craft sale fundraiser for the Doctor Mary Walker Statue fund that was held in June.

I would like to congratulate Mr. DeSacia on his completion of the 300 mile bike ride to benefit Special Olympics! I also would like to wish Zoning Board member Tim Anderson a very Happy Birthday and to welcome him to the fabulous 50’s.

Public Comment: Residents were concerned with the hog weed on the West Lake Rd and the summer hours for town hall workers.

Resolution 2008-55 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the minutes from the June 9, 2008 town board meeting.
Moved by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-56 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the following budget modifications:
from A1990.4 (contingent) to A1355.4 (Assessment contractual) for $1382.50;
from A1990.4 (contingent) to A1410.4 (town clerk contractual) for $302..33
from A1990.4 (contingent) to A8020.4 (planning contractual) for $418.15
Moved by Councilor Herrmann, second Councilor DeSacia all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-57 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the bills on Abstract 7 as follows:
General Fund
Highway Fund
Franklin/Baylis Lighting
Edgebrook Lighting
Sleepy Hollow Sewer District
Ontario Heights Sewer District
$ 87.90
$ 52.52
$ 1,136.62
$ 1,028.18
v 194-241
v 109-127
v 34
v 35
v 36, 38-40
v 37,39,41
Moved by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-58 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board supports the YMCA’s Tour de Loop through Oswego Town on Saturday August 23, 2008.
Moved by Supervisor Mullen, second Councilor Herrmann all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2008-59 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board waives the associated zoning fees for the Oswego Town Fire Department sign.
Moved by Councilor DeSacia, second Supervisor Mullen. 3 ayes 2 abstain
DeSacia, Mahaney, Mullen aye, Herrmann, Shaver abstain

Motion by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,Theresa A. Cooper CMC/RMC
Oswego Town Clerk
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