October 13, 2009
Town Board Minutes

Oswego Town Hall

Supervisor: Victoria M. Mullen
Town Board Members: Tim DeSacia, Greg Herrmann,
Margaret Mahaney, Daniel Shaver
Attorney to the Board: Stephen C. Greene, Sr.
A meeting of the Oswego Town Board was held on October 13, 2009 at town hall.
Supervisor Mullen opened the meeting at 7:00 PM. Roll call was taken with the following members present:
Attorney to the board
Victoria Mullen
Tim DeSacia
Greg Herrmann
Margaret Mahaney
Dan Shaver
Stephen C. Greene
Town Clerk Report: Total sales for September were $22,697.90 but due to adjustments in the DEC (hunting licenses) the supervisor has not been paid.

The public hearing for the budget and budget ad are ready for the newspaper, the budget hearing is scheduled for Nov. 2, 2009 at 7:05PM, no other town board meeting for November. On November 8, 2009 our sculptor Sharon BuMann will be at the Richardson Bates Museum to display the scale model of the Dr. Mary Walker Statue. Everyone is welcomed.

Supervisor's Report: I have submitted the 2010 Budget to the Town Board. Our Total appropriations for 2010 will be $1.718.799.00, we have estimated our revenue to be $1,097.079.00 leaving a total to be raise by tax for town and highway of $520.620.00.

Our tax levy remains the same on the town side of the ledger but has gone up by .14cents per thousand on the Highway side. Several factors have gone into this .14 cent tax increase. The town is not immune to financial meltdown in the economy this year. When interest rates took a nose dive this year our revenues were down. Sales tax revenues are also down, as people stop spending on non essential items. We had a very early and long winter last year. Our health care insurance for employees has gone up 52% over the last 5 years. This expense is becoming a burden to our tax payers; I am asking the Supervisors Association to start a dialog on what can be done to save.

The town tax rate for 2010 will be…34 cents per thousand …………and the Highway rate will be……. $1.93 per thousand.

We have given our hard working employees and elected officials a salary increase. We have adjusted the supervisors to a more fair and equitable rate in line with other town supervisors. The 2010 budget is tight as always. Our people do a great job spending for needs and not wants. It is important to be frugal and frugal is what we have always been.

We have not used any of our reserve funds to balance our budget again this year.

We had a problem with our pumping station for Ontario Heights. I want to thank Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Botting and Mr. Wilcox for the quick action. The problem was under control within a few hours. This issue had brought to the forefront the need for an automatic alarm and auto dialer at the Pumping station. The town board will discuss this at our next workshop.

We sold one cemetery lot, and had three burials in our cemetery.

Our Dog control officer investigated 5 complaints in September.

Our code enforcement officer issued 7 building permits and made 23 inspections in September.

The town board will hold another public hearing on our Local Law on Zoning on the 26th and a public hearing on the budget November 2nd.

Resolution 2009- 87 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the minutes from the September 14, 2009 and October 5, 2009 town board meetings.
Moved by Councilor DeSacia, second Councilor Herrmann all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2009- 88 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the following budget modifications:
from A. 1990.4 (contingency) to A 1110.41 (Jung contractual) for $119.91 and
from A 1990.4 (contingency) to A3310.4 (traffic control contractual for $53.40
Moved by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2009- 89 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the bills on abstract 10 as follows:
General Fund
Highway Fund
Franklin/Baylis Lighting
Edgebrook Lighting
Sleepy Hollow Sewer District
Ontario Heights Sewer District
$ 30,196.57
$ 46,580.67
$ 87.09
$ 51.04
$ 892.05
$ 907.13
Moved by Supervisor Mullen, second Councilor Mahaney all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2009- 90 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board approves the disposal of an
obsolete Optiquest computer monitor Serial # ZF91711944.
Moved by Supervisor Mullen, second Councilor Mahaney all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2009- 91 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board sends to the appropriate Sate officials the following:

WHEREAS, tough economic times and New York State’s tremendously high tax burden are causing families, business, and local governments to struggle, while state government has been paralyzed by questions of gubernatorial succession, leadership fighting and political dysfunction; and

WHEREAS, our State Constitution was originally meant to be a vibrant, living and breathing document, reflective of the times in which we live that holds up to the political dynamic of the day; and

WHEREAS, our current State Constitution was adopted 115 years ago in 1894 and modified at a constitutional convention in 1938 and at various other times by legislative action; and

WHEREAS, our state, our nation and the world have changed dramatically in the past forty-two years as the information age has transformed communications, business and government in ways that could not even have been imagined when our state constitution was adopted; and

WHEREAS, recent events in state government involving gubernatorial succession, legislative stalemates and appointments to statewide elected offices have exposed flaws and weaknesses in our current constitution on these issues; and

WHEREAS, families and businesses have been forced to cut back, while New York State government continues to spend beyond its means and force unfunded mandates on already overburdened local governments and taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, in the face of the most challenging economic environment since the Great Depression, the people of New York have little confidence that the state government, as currently structured, is responsive to their wants, needs, or principal concerns; and

WHEREAS, the people of New York have expressed their desire to hold a “People’s Convention” to reform state government, as evidenced by recent Quinnipiac University and Siena College Research polls, showing more than 60 percent of voters supporting a People’s Convention to Reform New York; and

WHEREAS, while the Constitution empowers the elected delegates to set the convention agenda for “The People’s Convention to Reform New York”, we ask that the delegates consider government reforms such as a state spending cap and property tax cap, restrictions on unfunded mandates, debt reform, and absolute ban on backdoor borrowing, public authorities reform, a clear line of succession to the governorship and lieutenant governorship and elections to fill elected state office vacancies; and now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that Town Board pause in its deliberations to acknowledge the need for true state government reform and urge the immediate passage and chaptering of the “People’s Convention to Reform New York Act”, which will allow for the creation of a more accountable and responsive state government by the people to serve the people; and be it further

RESOLVED, that a copy of this Resolution, be transmitted to the Governor of the State of New York, the Temporary President of the New York State Senate, the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, and to the Minority Leaders of the Assembly and Senate.

NOW, THEREFORE, upon motion made by Supervisor Mullen and seconded by board member Shaver, and after due consideration and deliberation the resolution is unanimously approved in accordance with the following role call vote:
Victoria Mullen, Supervisor
Timothy DeSacia, Deputy Supervisor
Greg Herrmann, Councilman
Margaret Mahaney, Councilwoman
Daniel Shaver, Councilman
Resolution 2009- 92 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board will hold a public hearing October 26, 2009 at 7:05 PM to hear all interested parties for or against the Proposed Local Law 1-2009, Zoning law and a budget workshop.
Moved by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor DeSacia all ayes motion carried.

Resolution 2009- 93 Be it resolved the Oswego Town Board will hold a public hearing on November 2, 2009 at 7:05 Pm to hear all interested parities for or against the Proposed 1010 Oswego Town Budget.
Moved by Councilor Shaver, second Councilor Herrmann all ayes motion carried.

Motion by Councilor Mahaney, second Councilor Shaver to close the meeting at 7:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa A. Cooper, CMC
Oswego Town Clerk
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