Town Clerk

Town Clerk:
Theresa Cooper
Deputy Town Clerk: Carol Todd

Oswego Town Hall
2320 Co. Rte. 7, Oswego, NY 13126
Office Phone: (315) 343-2586
Home Phone: (315) 342-4365
Office Hours
8:30am - 4pm
8:30am - 4pm
8:30am - 4pm
8:30am - 5pm
8:30am - 4pm
Appointment Only April-Dec.
Lunch: 12:30pm - 1:30pm
The Town Clerk hours may vary when Mrs. Cooper attends workshops and seminars. Any changes will be left on the office answering machine.
County/Town Tax Information
Town Clerk's Report
March 9, 2015 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor for February were $351.79 total for month $416.41.

Taxes collected to date: $2,812,883.08, outstanding $415,060.73. The second notices are going out this week on Thursday.

Tax checks paid to the Supervisor from the warrant were:
Fire Department ?$245, 007.00
Light District 1?$ 1,700.00
Light District 2?$ 1, 000.00
Sewer District 1?$ 27,400.00
Sewer District 2?$ 16,130.00
Unpaid Sewer??$ 16,458.48

Town residents are taking advantage of the credit card system we have in place.

Respectfully submitted

Theresa A. Cooper
February 9, 2015 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor were $691.98 total for the month of January $828.10. Taxes collected to date $2,491,972.06.

Theresa A. Cooper
Oswego Town Clerk
December 8, 2014 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor for November were $716.62, total for the month $1539.28.

I have received information from one company that offers a dog census mailer but would like to wait until spring to start another dog census. To date we had 15 dogs picked up with 9 being rescued, 4 adopted and 2 were put down.

Respectfully submitted

Theresa Cooper
Town Clerk
November 10, 2014 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor were $4065.40, total for the month $5,659.50.

Theresa A. Cooper
Town Clerk
October 14, 2014 Report

The fees paid to the Supervisor for September were $1,988.20, total for the month $11,863.00.

Credit card use is going well we had $1,150.00 used, cash & checks $10,713.00.

As of Oct 8, 2014 we have 184 new dogs licensed, 405 renewals.

Theresa A. Cooper
August 11, 2014 Report

July fees paid to the Supervisor were $1,609.98, total for the month $2,666.85.

I have information regarding new credit card system from Williamson Law, also information from a company who does mailings for dog census.
June 9, 2014 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor for May were $1398.85, total for the month $2191.05.

Dog census still going on new dogs have come in. Trailer Park residents have been coming in. If we find out a resident has not licensed their dogs, a letter is being sent to them.

Love is in the air as I had 4 bride & grooms come in on Saturday for their marriage license.
May 12, 2014 Report

Money paid to the Supervisor for April was $1249.69, total for month $1,416.00.
Dog census still on going, I ordered 500 new dog tags. I sent letters to all three trailer park owners asking for the names of dog owners in their parks.

The County Treasurer sent confirmation that the town taxes were for the 2014 levy is fully paid and submitted.
On May 2, 2014 the tax bank interest was paid to the Supervisor for Jan-April for $295.50.

At the recent town clerk's conference in Saratoga Springs I attended classes for taxes, picked up zba/planning handbook and gave to the zba secretary, I picked up a 2013 law booklet on laws affecting towns.
April 14, 2014 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor for March were $1,232.01, total $1393.60. To date 95 new dog licensed, census going very well. Tax collection is closed $1,561,219.55 was paid to the County Treasurer on 4/7/14. Tax checks paid to the Supervisor were $1.06 working tax, $4,266.70 penalties, $156.00 second notice fees, $338.00 second notice fee from county.
March 10, 2014 Report

February payment to Supervisor was $349.56, total for month $805.00.

The dog census is going well.

The 2nd notices for taxes will be mailed on 3/14/14 also included will be a dog census notice and rabies clinic notice.

The year to date taxes collected is $2,637,080.27.
November 12, 2013 Report

The October fees paid to the Supervisor were $1,106.07, total for the month $2,910.40.

I attended an all day workshop November 5th, for Department of Conservation training. The DEC is changing vendors to Accela and we had hands on training with the new system. On December 9, 10, 11 these are black out days for the system to be put into place. No one will be able to buy a hunting or fishing license. New fees will go into effect February 1, 2014, not all fees will change.
October 15, 2013 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor for Sept. $2,317.02 total $10,734.65

Fees paid to the Supervisor for Aug. $2,222.25, total $7,906.65

Thank you to my deputy Carol Todd for taking minutes in September.

Went to Corning for DEC workshop regarding the upcoming changes to the program.

DEC going with new contract Accelles and all day training for all clerks will be Nov. 4th in Oswego. All old DEC equipment can then be disposed of and my old computer will be loaded with new software. I will need the old one zapped, would like it to have nothing on but DEC.

Also at the workshop I heard about an indexing program ISYS which is useful and used by many clerks. I have asked other clerks in this county if they would be interested so the cost to purchase would be cheaper.

Tax Glance is ready for the website and I have sent the link to the webmaster. This program will allow attorneys, escrow companies and banks to look up and print out current tax bills.
August 12, 2013 Report

I will be gone to Boston and unavailable to be at the September meeting, my deputy Carol Todd will be filling in. My answering machine will reflect any change in hours while I am away.

Hunting licenses went on sale today.

The final tax interest for April was paid to the Supervisor on 8/5/13 in the amount of $22.99.
All tax accounts are now closed.

July 8, 2013 Report

June fees paid to the Supervisor were $878.42, total for the month $1,295.50.

I attended a town clerk meeting in Scriba this month, we shared information and I obtained information regarding the use of credit cards. The towns of Scriba, Hastings and Granby all use a system. There is no cost to the town to use this service, the cost is directly paid by the user. All are happy with the systems they are using.
June 10, 2013 Report

May fees paid to the Supervisor were $1,521.27 total for the month $$2,069.48.
Tax bank interest $22.99, will be transferring this amount next month.

I have a new format for my town clerk minutes which I learned at my May town clerk conference.
May 13, 2013 Report

April fees paid to the supervisor were $1642.90, total $1978.10.
check #1397 cash box/petty cash $250.00
check #1398 Jan-Feb-Mar bank int. $509.24
check #1399 2nd Notice Fee $490.00 (Co. $352.00, Town $138.00)
check #1400 Penalties $4090.10
Total $5,339.34

Final Payment to County Treasurer was made on 4/08/2013 check #1396 for $1,402,051.47.

At my town clerk conference in Buffalo I attended classes regarding the following:

Many towns have done successful dog census through the mail. We currently have around 650 licensed dogs.

The DEC is operating a new computer system and will be taking back their computer equipment. I hope to use my old computer. I will be attending training when they schedule it.

NYS thruway has a program for clerks to sell easy pass, towns could make $4.00 per sold tag but tags had to be pre-paid, not a good idea not knowing how well sales would go.

NYMIR was there and discussed official undertaking, a copy of insurance policy would be a good idea to keep with our official undertaking on file. Some towns file with their county clerk.

Retirement class had information and handouts which I will be sharing with the bookkeeper, Terry Botting. They also said they could come and do a presentation for a minimum of 30 people.

I have hand outs and more detailed information if any of the town board would like to see more information.
April 8, 2013 Report

Fees paid to the Supervisor for March were $2,101.70, total for month $2,259.00.

Final tax payment to the County Treasurer was made today in the amount of $1,402,051.47.

There were 198 returned unpaid tax bills. Total outstanding taxes $258,959.09.
March 11, 2013 Report

The total taxes collected to date is $2,586,639.53, the second notices for anyone who has not paid their taxes will be sent out March 14th.

Fees paid to the Supervisor for February were $380.00, total for the month $493.40.
February 11, 2013 Report

Taxes collected to date $2,303,328.27, tax payments to the Supervisor were made February 6, 2013.

Town Clerk fees for January paid to the Supervisor were $ 968.27, total for the month $1218.00.
January 7, 2013 Report

January fees paid to the Supervisor $968.27, total for the month $1,218.00.

Taxes collected to date: $2,023,058.50.

The following is my annual report.
Town Clerk's 2012 Annual Report
76 Certified Copies
11 Copies
6 Geneological Services
8 Miscellaneous Revenue
35 Marriage Licenses
7 Dog Control Fees
1 Dog Late Fee
5 Pool Permit
1 Demolition
2 Fence Permit
60 Building Application Fee
52 Building Permit
1 Junkyard Permit
3 Special Permits
1 Sign Variance
1 Variance Public Hearing
581 Dog Licenses
  Total Receipts
  Paid to Supervisor for General Fund
  Paid to NYS Dec. for Decals
  Paid to NYS Animal Population Control Program
  Paid to NYS Health Dept. for Marriage Licenses
Total Receipts
August 13, 2012 Report

The fees paid to the Supervisor for July were $1215.07 and a total for the month $1630.30. I would like to thank Councilor Tesoriero for donating a ladder for the vault, it has a platform to retrieve boxes from the top shelf. Also to the highway department especially Lynn Cooper for painting and fixing the ladder like new.
June 11, 2012 Report

The fees paid to the Supervisor for May were $1172.34, total for the month $2218.65.

I attended a records management conference, saw about 10 vendors with useful items for records management. A Canon scanner was an excellent item which can scan 6 or more pages per minute, also a ladder for retrieving boxes on high shelving.

I am in the process of having an inventory, marking and putting on a spread sheet all the house plans and maps we have in the building inspector's room. Then I plan on color coding the maps for easy sight retrieval by tax map number series. I would like if the budget allows to put money into our records management line for need items, grants are very far and few between.
March 12, 2012 Report

Total taxes collected to date: $2,526,182.34, over 200 2nd notices will be sent out by March 15th. Fees paid to the Supervisor for February were $404.47 total for the month $1,081.70. Congratulations to some of our highway workers who will be in a benefit run this Saturday March 17th.
February 13, 2012 Report

Town Clerk's Report: Taxes collected to date $2,240,640.86, January fees paid to the Supervisor were $812.95, total for the month $957.85.
January 9, 2012 Report

December fees paid to the Supervisor were $503.41, the total for the month $670.60. The following is my annual report.
Town Clerk's 2011 Annual Report
95 Certified Copies
33 Copies
4 Geneological Revenue
55 Miscellaneous Revenue
59 Marriage Licenses Decals
3 Passport
5 Dog Control Fees
28 Dog Late Fee
9 Pool Permit
1 Wood Stoves, Chimineys
7 Demolition
86 Building Application Fee
75 Building Permit
6 Special Permits
1 Sign Variance
578 Dog Licenses
  Total Receipts
  Paid to Supervisor for General Fund
  Paid to NYS Dec. for Decals
  Paid to NYS Animal Population Control Program
  Paid to NYS Health Dept. for Marriage Licenses
Total Receipts
August 8, 2011 Report

The July fees paid to the Supervisor were $1625.10, total for the month $1866.75.
July 11, 2011 Report

Total fees collected and paid to supervisor for June were $2,470.94, total for the month $3,056.85.

From 1-1-11 to 6-30-11 the dog fees collected were $1,905.00, late fees $80.00 and $427.00 went to the state for spay/neuter program.

I attended a county town clerk meeting in Sandy Creek and we all shared information on dog census and the rabies clinics.

I started the subject matter list and need from each office their items to be added to this list. My office has been shredding, re-boxing and organizing the records in storage.
June 13, 2011 Report

The May fees paid to the supervisor for May were $2010.85 this total reflects a correction of $4.44 which was an overpay from the April fees paid to the supervisor. Total for May was $2872.35. The April fees paid to the supervisor were $1488.11 total for the month were $1813.50. I attended the NYSTCA conference in Buffalo May 1-4, I attended classes on open government, financial accountability for town clerks, birth, death and marriage, Association of towns legal questions and answers and documents, policies, and answers. I need to formulate a subject matter list which we currently do not have on file.

I received my Registered Municipal Clerk's recertification. I will be attending a workshop on historical photographs and records tomorrow in Dewitt. I had my first passport customers who were children and the process went well. The parents have already heard that the passports would be on the way, it was a quick turn around.
The Department of Health has a toll free general information line for vital records; 1-855-322-1022.
Applications & Information
Complaint / Concern Form (.pdf, 528 kb)
New House Permit (.pdf, 7 mb)
Demolition Permit (.pdf, 412 kb)
Fence Permit (.pdf, 1.5 mb)
Veterans Day Form (.pdf, 351 kb)
Memorial Day Form (.pdf, 377 kb)
Deck Permit (.pdf, 5.3 mb)
Garage Permit (.pdf, 3.8 mb)
Pool Permit (.pdf, 2.6 mb)
Shed Permit (.pdf, 2.3 mb)
Chimney Permit (.pdf, 4.5 mb)
Pole Barn Permit (.pdf, 5.8 mb)
Building Permit (.pdf, 330 kb)
Gold Building Permit Form (.pdf, 50 kb) Needed for all Building Permits
Dog Census (.pdf, 57 kb)
Flood Prevention Law (.pdf, 879 kb)
Pool Requirements (.pdf, 314 kb)
Before You Build
There are some preliminary steps you must take before you can begin building. The first step is to apply at the clerk's office. A survey map is also needed at the time the application is completed. Your application will then go to the zoning consultant for review. A zoning fee of $10 is paid when application is completed. When zoning has been approved, the building inspector will issue a building permit and appropriate fees are paid then. If a variance is needed, a hearing will be scheduled. This process may and can take up to a month, so please be patient and start the paperwork early!
Wedding Bells In Your Future
If there are, be sure to stop in the office to obtain your marriage license and remember:
• Both parties need to be present to obtain a marriage license
• A driver's license and social security card is needed for identification
• If either party is divorced, proof of the dissolution of marriage is needed
• There is a 24 hour waiting period
• The fee is $40
• Need photo ID and Birth certificate
Marriage license fees increase to $40.00 effective August 1, 2003.
This is from the Department of Health. The base cost of a marriage license is $30.00 and $10.00 for a certified copy, which is mailed to the couple after the ceremony. The State receives $22.50 for each license issued and the $17.50 will be retained by the Town.

Please call for an appointment if you would like to come in for a marriage license. Cash or check only. (315) 343-2586
Is Your Puppy Legal?
Any dog 4 months old must be licensed and have a current rabies shot. If the dog is spayed or neutered, the fee is $6.00; otherwise, it is $13.00. You can submit documentation from your vet at the time of licensing. Although the town does not have a leash law in effect, the County does impose a law in the spring that requires all dogs to be tied up so they will not chase deer.

Lost dog?
If you lose your dog, or find one, call my office and the dog control officer will be contacted. Stray dogs are taken to the Oswego City Animal Shelter where they remain for about five days and then put up for adoption or put to sleep.

It's Coming…The Town of Oswego Dog Census
Starts January 2, 2014
Get your dog licensed before April 15th to avoid an additional $5.00 fee
Rabies certificate necessary to license your dog (s)
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