July 17, 2003
Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes
Southwest Community Center
Chairman: Randy Pratt
Board Members:
Greg Auleta, Robert Baker,
Brad Livesey, Greg Mills

Call to Order
Randy Pratt called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 pm.

Those in attendance were:
Randy Pratt, ZBA Chairman
Kevin Caraccioli, Legal Advisor
Greg Auleta, ZBA Member
Robert Baker, ZBA Member
Brad Livesey, ZBA Member
Greg Mills, ZBA Member

Those absent were:
Shelley Rahn, ZBA Secretary

Approval of June 2003 Minutes
At approximately 7:07 pm, Greg Mills motioned to accept the minutes from the June 19, 2003 meeting. Brad Livesey seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion passed.

First Order of Business - Paul Haines
Paul Haines application # 182-00-05-04. He has withdrawn his application. Letter was received from him stating he wanted to with draw his application. This letter was placed in his file. Case closed.

Second Order of Business - Public Comment Session
There was no comment as no one was present.

Third Order of Business - VIP Structures/Empire Produce Processors
At approximately 7:20pm, Randy Pratt opened the Public Hearing for VIP Structures. A representative explained the existing layout of the Oswego Shippers and Growers and described their proposed plan. This will be a food processing plant where they will peel slice and dice onions and ship them out to restaurants. He also explained the existing road, which will still be used but be modified to meet their new needs.

The Septic system and processing waste system will be designed by NYS DEC and the Oswego County Health Department. There is ~6 acres 5.82. The processing plant will have a daily usage of 2250 gal of water, mainly for clean up. This would be for either 1-8 hour day or 2 8 hour shifts.

There will be a hard fence on the south side - 6 feet tall - 200 feet east ward. Frank Slattery has agreed on this (he is the neighbor to the south).

Building height plan was discussed as requested at previous meeting. Eave height is 24 ft - approximately 27 feet to peek. Applicant agrees that the maximum height in feet will be less than 20 feet.

Randy Pratt is receipt of a resolution/letter from Oswego Growers authorizing an individual from Empire Produce Processors to act as a representative for Oswego Growers.The meeting was opened for Public Comment - for and against this application. No one spoke. Public Hearing was closed.

Randy Pratt stated that all the information that the ZBA Board asked for is here.

Oswego Town Planning Board has been charged with the long form SEQR for approval.

Barton and Laguidice are working on the septic and waste water design to give to NYS DEC next week. The DEC will look at the design and approve.

Oswego County Planning Board sent a letter which is part of the record. There is a need for a Special Permit and a side yard Variance. There is no significant impact at this time.

This will be a 27,060 sq ft facility.

Resident Slattery has agreed with Mr. Zappalla with the fence - it will start at 64 feet away from the edge of State Route 104 - with a 200-foot fence.

Oswego Town planning Board requested a 490-foot oil and stone driveway - they are in agreement.

Greg Auleta made a motion for approval of the Special Permit to construct an onion processing plat - 27,060 sq feet - called Empire Produce Processors - Approve side yard set back of 30 feet - contingent on

1. Sub approval of Oswego County Health Department septic system
2. Product waste system - NYS DEC approval
3. Pending completion and a negative declaration of the long form SEQR by the Oswego Town Planning Board

Without the NYS DEC approval this project cannot go forward.

Brad Livesey seconded the motion. All ayes motion carried.

Fourth Order of Business

Oswego Alliance Church - Review Process
The Oswego Alliance Church wishes to build a new church on the South side of Thompson Road across the Road from their existing church. It will be a 17,000 sq ft building with 550 sq ft sanctuary. The representatives, Skip Taylor and Christopher Choate, from the church explained that they would be using both churches at the same time. This new structure will be used for Sunday services. The old facility will be used for women's projects.

The land has been acquired. Kevin Caraccoili explained that he was involved in the purchase of the property and would step down in the hearing of this application. Greg Mills felt that the purchasing of the property had nothing to do with the use of the property. The Board agreed.

There is a 294-foot set back from the Road. Kevin stated that the structure would be located in an R-3 district on the East and an Open district on the West. A church is a permitted use with a Special Permit in an open or R-3 district.

The driveway will be 22 ft wide. A blue print of the building was requested and given to the board.

No changes have been made in setbacks. There is a 270 feet set back to the north; 408 feet set back to the south; to the rear there is a 186 ft set back.

They need a Special Permit. They wish to build a 17,097 sq foot church on 12.3 acres. Kevin provided the ZBA Board with an updated survey. Lot depth is 638 ft - Part is in an R-3 and Part in Open zone. Building itself is in an R-3 district.

Question a raised as to whether there is a need for a SEQR. It is Kevin's opinion that he cannot identify any reason for a Long Form SEQR. 4 acres are being used. It is subject to SEQR but unlisted action - anything that triggers one the Oswego Town Planning Board will need to review. At the minimum a short form will be needed.

Agricultural form - No need.

The Planning Board will need to review. Oswego County Planning Board will only need to review if Town Planning Board requests it. (239 form)

Notification of surrounding neighbors. Need to contact people that touch the property and across the road - East side parallel to the property.

Randy Pratt made a motion to accept the application as discussed. Greg Mills seconded. All Ayes motion carried.

The Public Hearing is set for August 21st at 7:10.

Fifth Order of Business
Hyland Partners representative was present - Tim Relyea - he explained that a portion of Furniss Road is zoned as Industrial. They wish to purchase this property and sell it as building lots to build residential structures. They will sell the land but will not be building the structures. There are 4 parcels - there are one 11-acre parcel - one 10-acre parcel and two 2-acre parcels.

Randy Pratt feels that this is a Zoning Change and not a ZBA issue. This is something that the Town Board needs to look at.

Sixth Order of Business
There being no items for open board discussion Randy Pratt made motion to adjourn Greg Mills seconded it. All ayes motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Margaret Mahaney
Acting Secretary
Shelley Rahn
ZBA Secretary


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