May 20, 2004
Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chairman: Greg Mills
Board Members: Greg Auleta, Timothy Anderson,
Robert Baker, Brad Livesey
Attorney to the Board: Kevin Caraccioli
Call To Order
Greg Mills, Chairman called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 PM on May 20, 2004.

Those in attendance were:
Greg Mills, ZBA Chairman
Greg Auleta, ZBA Member
Robert Baker, ZBA Member
Brad Livesey, ZBA Member
Timothy Anderson, ZBA Member
Kevin Caraccioli, Legal Advisor
Marjorie Best, Secretary

Approval of Agenda:

Greg Auleta made a motion that we accept the Agenda. Tim Anderson seconded the motion. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Approval of April 15, 2004 Minutes:

Greg Auleta made a motion that the April 15, 2004 Minutes be approved. Greg Mills seconded the Motion. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Old Business:

No old business.

New Business:

At approximately 7:15 PM, Greg Mills explained to the Board that Supervisor, Victoria Mullen gave him a work in progress that should be discussed at a Work Shop Meeting. Vickie had given him the document she had. She had a couple of conversations with Greg, as well as Kevin Caraccioli and Steve Greene on what should be used as a governing document. Greg had several copies of the Ordinance, which the Board was trying to figure which were obsolete. Steve Greene, Jr. obtained the most recent one, certified by Theresa Cooper, Town Clerk. She sent it to Kevin, and he in turn sent a copy to each board member. After much discussion, Greg Mills stated he would call Vickie, and set up a meeting or work shop to go over the language and definitions of the Ordinance, and create a line of communication among all the parties involved.

Kevin Caraccioli brought up the subject of the 239 Referral Process. The most recent Informational Memorandum from the Oswego County Department Of Planning And Community Development, it stated under Local Responsibility, "The local board is further required by State Law to send to the Department, a record of the decision within thirty (30) days of the final action. This can often be accomplished by sending a copy of the meeting minutes to the Department". He stated that from this point on, we should comply and send a copy of the Minutes when a 239 Referral Process is involved. He stated the minutes are sufficient, rather than a copy of the Resolution.

Public Comment:


Open Board Discussion:

Issues of line of communication between the Town Board and Zoning Board had already been discussed under New Business.


At approximately 8:00 PM, Greg Auleta moved for adjournment. Tim Anderson seconded the motion. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Marjorie Best
ZBA Secretary
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