April 15, 2010
Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes
Oswego Town Hall
Chairman: Greg Auleta
Board Members: Timothy Anderson, Robert Baker,
Robert Dexter, Debra Jaskula
Attorney to the Board: Kevin Caraccioli
Secretary: Joyce Molinari
Meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Chairman, Greg Auleta

Present – Greg Auleta, Robert Baker, Tim Anderson, Robert Dexter and Kevin Caraccioli, Attny.

Absent – Debra Jaskula

Greg explained the Agenda and that there would be a Public Hearing at 7:10PM.

Motion to accept the minutes of the January 21, 2010 meeting by Tim Anderson.
2nd – Robert Dexter. Carried.

Old Business

Bob Baker was looking for minutes of the February 18, 2010 meeting.

Greg explained that there were only 3 members present and a public meeting did take place. There was nothing scheduled for the Agenda. Secretary will generate a summary of that meeting for the next meeting (May 21, 2010).

Kevin explained that as long as 3 were present, that there would be a quorum, for a vote all would have to agree.

New Business

Public Hearing opened at 7:10PM by Chairman, Greg Auleta

Paul Czerow, applicant 2394 County Route 7, explained he is looking for two variances to replace an existing building, which will be torn down, with a larger pole barn. Building will be 26’ x 48’, 21.5’ high. He will need a variance for a 14’ set back and 20’ set back on the side lot line. He has presented a certified drawing of the trusses that will be used.

Greg stated that the ZBA secretary has communicated a Site Plan Review application to the County for their approval, with no response from them as of today. The motion should state that the variance, if granted tonight, should be contingent upon receipt of a non issue or non interest on the part of the County Planning Department.

Kevin stated that the County would most likely say that it is a Local issue with no County significance.

Greg asked Paul if the neighbors had been notified. They have been and the ZBA secretary has been given the “Public Hearing Notice to Neighbors.”

Paul stated that all the neighbors were in support of the structure.

Greg asked the applicant for a time frame for construction.

Paul stated that it would take approximately 2 weeks and it would be for personal use. Structure will be two car garage and storage.

Bob Dexter questioned the set back for a front set back.

Bob Baker stated it is 20 feet on the side lot, 50’ set on front.

Greg stated 2 variances will be needed.

Bob Baker stated structure is not on drawing.

Paul stated it will be set back as far as possible because of his septic and leach field. There will also be a driveway between the structure and the house.

Greg asked if this would change the ingress and egress for Johnson Road?

Paul stated there would be no change.

Greg stated his address is Johnson Rd. so Gardenier Rd. should not be relevant.

Kevin stated the Johnson Rd. address is the relevant address. Wayne’s ruling should stipulate measurements.

Greg stated that his interpretation is that Paul measured from his property line and the application was not corrected and we would consider the measurement as submitted as being from the property line, therefore, the front yard set back variance is 11 feet and the side yard variance set back is 14 feet.

Motion made by Tim Anderson for appeal 2010-1 by Paul Czerow, 2394 County Route 7, Oswego, NY, for a left side set back property variance of 14 feet to and a front yard variance of 11 feet set back to run from the property line to the edge of the new structure. All neighbors have been contacted and are in support of the project or have no objection. This location is specified because of the existing septic and leach field. The granting of this variance is contingent upon receipt of the decision from the County Planning Office that the office has either no interest because it is a Local matter or it has no significance as a County matter. If the County makes a recommendation as to the dimensions of the project we may have to revisit the application.

2nd – Bob Baker.

Greg Auleta – yes
Bob Baker – yes
Tim Anderson – yes
Bob Dexter – yes


Greg stated that Kevin would refine the language in the Resolution.

Public Comment


Open Board Discussion

Greg stated he is bothered that the document received from the CFO does not show what is needed.

Secretary will call the City Planning Office to get a copy of the Checklist they use for applications.

Next meeting – May 20, 2010

Motion to adjourn – Bob Dexter
2nd – Tim Anderson

Meeting adjourned 7:45PM

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
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