Zoning Board
Town of Oswego
Zoning Board Minutes
September 16, 2010
Chairman: Gregory Auleta
Zoning Board Members: Robert Baker, Debra Jaskula, Tim Anderson, Robert Dexter
Attorney to the Board: Kevin Caraccioli
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Call to Order: Meeting called to order by Chairman G. Auleta at 7:01pm.

Present - G. Auleta, R. Baker, D. Jaskula, T. Anderson, R. Dexter, K. Caraccioli
Absent - None
Public Present – Mr. & Mr. Zachary Menter, John J. Oxford, Jr., Greg Herrmann, Tim DeSacia, Charles Mullen, Victoria Mullen, J. Paternoster.

Acceptance of Agenda: G. Auleta presents the Agenda. Approved.

Approval of July 15, 2010 Minutes: No additions/subtractions. Approved and accepted as written.

New Business:
Public Hearing opened – Have application by Zachary Menter applying for use variance at 2630 County Route 7 (Paternoster property) for Oswego County Ambulance Service (Menter Ambulance Service) to place substation at this location. Code Enforcement Officer sent letter of approval to replace translucent panels on sign without permit being issued.

Z. Menter explained that they have transported 1200 patients from Oswego Hospital including 40 emergency alarms and other non-emergency responses. Use due-regard, meaning emergency status but with safety in mind. Sent letters to property owners.

G. Auleta read letter of support from Mr. & Mrs. Hagenmayer.

R. Baker asked if there would be lights and sirens in middle of night? Z. Menter said yes, if serious. Asked how Oswego Town Fire Department does it? G. Herrmann described same way.

R. Baker asked if contracted with Town of Oswego or area townships? Z. Menter said no. How many ambulances on site? Replied three, but not all three around the clock, though. There will always be one crew there.

K. Caraccioli asked why this location? Z. Menter replied: close to hospital; building meets needs; transported 1200 so far this year; impractical to serve this area from Fulton; more efficient for non-life threatening situations. Phoenix & Fulton satellites would stay where they are. Have eleven ambulances total including one in Hannibal Fire Department. Closing of Lee Hospital has shifted transfers, now double out of Oswego. Asked if there would be external modification? No change to footprint.

G. Auleta asked about ingress/egress? Z. Menter said ambulances would use County Route 7 and Byer Road would be used for wheelchair coach van.

K. Caraccioli asked if looked at other town properties? Z. Menter said no.

R. Baker asked if there would be training exercises? Z. Menter said there would not be much activity outside the building.

G. Auleta asked did W. Newton look at site plan? Z. Menter said no, he did not have any discussions with him.

K. Caraccioli asked if currently used or abandoned? J. Paternoster has worked there every day operating as car repair, trailer repair, etc.

G. Auleta stated W. Newton sought his advice because he could not grandfather – R-3 – business not allowed. If Menter wanted to move in, then use variance would be needed.

K. Caraccioli stated should build the record for clarification. Non-conforming use issue – R-3 – so need use variance.

G. Auleta asked if audience would like to address application? No one spoke. G. Auleta offered reminder of Hagenmayer letter of support.

D. Jaskula made motion to favor granting use variance to Menter to operate ambulance service station at 2630 County Route 7 in R-3 residential area. K. Caraccioli added lack of self-created hardship; Lee Hospital closure has shifted focus of volume away from rural parts of Oswego to Oswego Hospital; increased number of trips to Oswego Hospital no expansion needed – meets needs; no change in footprint of building. Seconded by R. Dexter. Carried – unanimous. Application accepted.

K. Caraccioli asked that a short environmental assessment form should be filled out by Menter. Assume negative declaration.

G. Auleta – motion will include refinement of Kevin’s statement. Application accepted.

Old Business: None.

Open Board Discussion:
G. Auleta – had discussion with John Oxford – concerns at his residence over ditch. J. Oxford spoke and presented a letter from Army Corps of Engineers dated September 3, 2010 (attached). After J. Oxford finished speaking, it was decided that there may be an issue of jurisdiction and more to be considered. If proper paperwork provided, he can be on agenda next month.

K. Caraccioli – be sure to get SEQR from Mr. Menter.

Motion to adjourn made by T. Anderson; seconded by R. Baker. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Noreen Ruttan, Secretary
Teresa M. Botting, Interim Secretary
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