Zoning Board
Town of Oswego
Zoning Board Minutes
August 18, 2011
Chairman: Gregory Auleta
Zoning Board Members: Robert Baker, Debra Jaskula, Tim Anderson, Robert Dexter
Attorney to the Board: Kevin Caraccioli
Secretary: Noreen Ruttan
Meeting called to order by Chair Greg Auleta at 7:07pm.

Members present: Greg Auleta, Timothy Anderson, Robert Baker, Robert Dexter, Debra Shoenfelt-Jaskula, Atty. Kevin Caraccioli

Others present: Fred Knopp

Acceptance of Agenda as presented – Approved.

Approval of July 21, 2011 Minutes – Approved.

Public Hearing: (2011-7)

Fred Knopp is requesting an Area Variance for the purpose of expanding an existing building at 2539 County Route 7 - looking for a right side setback of 1'3". Will have same roof and look like one building. Letters to neighbors have been sent. G. Auleta noted that Form 239(L&M) was not submitted to Oswego County Planning. K. Caraccioli said they can still go forward with public hearing and will expedite Form 239. G. Auleta asked if there is a need for fast track SEQR? K. Caraccioli said "no". G. Auleta noted that through dialogue it has been determined to respond "no" to the six criteria questions. D. Jaskula made motion to move to allow 1'3" right side setback contingent on Oswego County Planning Board's approval of Form 239(L&M). T. Anderson seconded. Carried.

Old Business: None.

Open Board Discussion:

G. Auleta will meet with Donna to further pursue yard sale, fruit stand, and junk issues. The Oswego Town Board is not interested in issuing fines for these concerns.

Also, added to language on sign issue. D. Jaskula mentioned that realtor signs are usually for 6 months. G. Auleta said more concerned with personal signs and there are other items to consider. Will keep informed.

R. Dexter asked if anyone knew about the J. Hull property. G. Auleta said he is not sure. He will ask the Code Enforcement Officer.

T. Anderson asked about United Group's housing project. K. Caraccioli said they are waiting for Department of Transportation approval of Traffic Study. D. Jaskula asked if sewer issue is holding up progress. K. Caraccioli said no, only DOT.

Motion made by D. Jaskula to adjourn meeting; seconded by T. Anderson. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Teresa Botting, Interim Secretary
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