Zoning Board
Town of Oswego
Zoning Board Minutes
August 16, 2012
Chairman: Gregory Auleta
Zoning Board Members: Tim Anderson, Robert Baker, Robert Dexter, Debra Jaskula
Attorney to the Board: Kevin Caraccioli
Secretary: Teresa Botting

Meeting called to order by Chair Greg Auleta at 7:00pm.

Members present: Greg Auleta, Tim Anderson, Atty. Kevin Caraccioli
Robert Baker – participating in real time via phone – approved by Counsel

Excused: Debra Shoenfelt-Jaskula, Robert Dexter

Others present: Dan Pritchard

Acceptance of Agenda as presented – Approved.

Opened Public Hearing at 7:05pm: R. Branshaw, 84 Lakeshore Road, Oswego, NY
Requesting variance for side yard setback of 14' to replace existing garage. G. Auleta phoned R. Baker – will listen in and then cast vote after any potential questions. All neighbors contacted. No neighbors present with concerns. Submitted site plan. No problems. G. Auleta asked R. Baker if he received the packet? Yes. Any questions? No. G. Auleta stated for record, that 2 absent members (R. Dexter and D. Jaskula) emailed him indicating no objection to project. G. Auleta made motion to grant variance for #2012-02; T. Anderson seconded. Any questions? No. Vote: 3 Yes = Quorum (G. Auleta, T. Anderson, R. Baker).
Closed Public Hearing at 7:15pm.

Approval of June 21, 2012 Minutes – Missing copies – approve at next meeting.

New Business: None.

Old Business: None.

Open Board Discussion: None.

Motion made by T. Anderson to adjourn meeting. R. Baker seconded. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:16pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa M. Botting, Secretary

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